Moon Secrets

The sea whispers ,not of a thousand deaths
but dreams it aches to recall,
time and star-shine–

covered by a cloud-blanket, it murmurs
again and again,
as fleets of diamond ships
sail across and into tomorrow.

And if I sleep,
perhaps I feel a petal-spray
of moon-breathed secrets
before dawn comes, berry-bright,
to banish them–

yet seeded within, they might yet bloom.

I was disconcerted by the change in the Magnetic Poetry Oracle’s site. There are different categories now for the tiles, and the format has also changed. Nevertheless, she came through (of course). I’ve been having vivid lucid dreams recently. It seems like they are trying to tell me important things that I can’t quite recall when I wake, but I think the ideas are there, just below the surface.

31 thoughts on “Moon Secrets

  1. I was disconcerted at well. And my message is not dissimilar to yours. The birdlings would fit right in.

    I’ve been having very vivid dreams lately too. I can make no sense of them yet. I’m still packing and moving in them though. Restless sleep too. (K)

  2. Oh yes, this is wonderful, Merril.
    Dreams so vivid whilst you’re IN them but just out of reach as you wake – story of my life. I know I’m dreaming, I know they are good or whatever and come morning, they are gone. Drives me nuts, to be honest.

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