Circling: Different and the Same

Monday Morning Musings:

Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield ©️Merril D. Smith, 2021

Songs of ancient glowing flow
from stars to river,
the moon hums sweet and slow–

Ospreys Circling the Morning Moon

the language of clouds and light
and shadow-shapes, the drape
of flowered branches, the white-winged flight

Egret. Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield

of egret, and the honking geese–
all these feathered things—the sight
of nature, calm, at peace.

We dream as the moon sings
wake to talk in bright sunbeams
of family, books, and everything

mostly trivial, perhaps profound–
in hindsight are we any wiser,
than those underground?

We venerate them, heroes and saints—
but none are perfect
and whitewashed history paints

such a lovely story.
Forget the horror, remember
only glory

But reflections from the past—see?
The world circles. We’ve been here before—
Look at the glass, remember that tree.

Reflections in the Windows of the Merchants’ Exchange, Philadelphia
“My” willow at Dock Street, Philadelphia

So much different and yet the same–
our lives, the city—still,
we’re glad we came.

This was a strange week—stormy weather and tornado watch on Thursday. Then the weather was beautiful. For anyone who is keeping track, I finished the history chapter I was writing (Sex in Eighteenth-century Philadelphia) and sent it off to the editors on Saturday. That afternoon, my husband and I walked around Old City Philadelphia for the first time since the pandemic. I bought some spices at the new Penzey’s store, and we went to Tria for wine and cheese, which became dinner. I kept saying walking around the city was strange–different and the same.

Merril’s Movie Club: We watched three movies this week. Cousins (Netflix) a story of three Maori women who are cousins. It’s a story of family being separated and found again. We both liked it, and of course, New Zealand is beautiful. There are similarities to the treatment of indigenous people in the US and Canada. We also watched A Call to Spy, based on the true story of women who were spies in WWII. We both liked this one, too. It’s a story that most people do not know about. My favorite movie of the three was The Fare (2018, free with Amazon Prime), a pretty much unknown low-budget indie film. It looks and has the feel of an old Twilight Zone episode. Harris, the cab driver picks up Penny. There’s an instant connection (these two actors definitely have chemistry), and then she disappears. We discover they’re repeating this loop over and over. But this is not Groundhog Day. To say more would spoil it, but it’s a unique take, and we both really liked it. Derrick will be pleased to know we ordered a ton of Indian food last night, and we’ll be eating leftovers tonight.

49 thoughts on “Circling: Different and the Same

  1. Beautiful words to accompany wonderful photos.
    …and speaking of sex in past centuries, have you watched Bridgerton (series on Netflix) that takes place in 1813 London?

  2. Lovely share on this beautiful Monday.

    I will be in the Philadelphia area the week of August 22. We’re staying in Delaware but we are planning a day trip into the city. I’ve only ever stopped only to change planes and have never visited 🙂 Don’t know what he has planned to visit but I’m looking forward to it.
    New movies to check out. Thanks, always!

  3. Lovely musings, Merril!
    We probably circle around, until we are underground.
    However, that gorgeous Delaware River is worth as many circlings as one can get out of it!
    The mural looks wonderful. It must be amazing in real life!

    • Thank you, so much Resa. There have been lots of gorgeous sky and birds the last few days!
      There are actually two murals. The Garden sits at the back of an actual neighborhood garden, and the other one–I couldn’t remember the name, is at a parking lot, but it’s a flowering tree. I know I’ve taken photos of both of them before, but it’s been so long!

  4. OMG!!!
    I did see it, but didn’t realize! Something about the checkered BG gives it a 3D aspect. I thought it was real. It’s brilliant!!!
    Thank you, Merril!

  5. Amazing skies again, and the birds! What is that color grid building? Of course, it immediately appealed to me.
    And congratulations on finishing the chapter. (K)

  6. Congratulations on finishing your chapter! It must have felt good to send it off to the editors. I really enjoyed all of the photography in this post. “Turkey Greeting the Sun” reminds me of a Max Parrish painting.

  7. Some people in my family say “it’s the same difference.” I say, it’s either the same, or it’s different. Can’t be both. Or can it? Your musings here make we wonder…..

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