Great Blue Heron, Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield

Tsunami waves of misunderstanding
surge from sea and overland,
destruction in their flow,
flotsam when they go.

But beneath blue sky,
the heron stands in pensive pose—
His thoughts? Who knows?
Warm-blooded, hollow-boned, his lungs
an ancient dinosaurs’ shifted gift, far-flung-DNA
stays. Life everlasting.

It’s quadrille Monday at dVerse. Lisa has asked us to use the word stand.

84 thoughts on “Withstanding

  1. Merril, I think those tsunami waves are understood, but each is entrenched in their own self-serving stance. We aren’t going to survive if we cannot pull together into single-minded effort. It’s going to take a miracle 😦 Hoping that if we pass on as a species, the heron and the rest carry on. Thought-provoking poem!

  2. Thoughtful and beautiful Quadrille. I especially like the last lines.
    “Warm-blooded, hollow-boned, his lungs
    an ancient dinosaurs’ shifted gift, far-flung-DNA
    stays. Life everlasting.”

    I really do hope life is everlasting even if we destroy most the habitats.

  3. Epic quadrille. The strong waves are brief and leave only flotsam, but the ancient bones of the bird have survived it all. Makes me reconsider what makes something powerful. Magical.

  4. There’s an awful lot we don’t understand, the heron neither. But we plough ahead and make the mess worse by meddling in what we don’t understand. The heron accepts that it knows about fish and flight and sticks with what it does best.
    Lovely quadrille.

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