storm-chased seas, waves
in white-foamed roiling crash
against the small trireme, fortunes

a tale unfolds,
ocean-dark legends, gods
and mortals interlocked, love lost
and found.

Slay now,
the snake-haired beast,
though she blood-births magic–
this winged-horse, muse-beloved, soars

and hear beyond
ancient, echoed voices,
flashes of ghost-light memory

each pulse,
part of time’s dust
in gleaming streams–glimmers
of what was, what is, what might be–

a place
in time, circling
round, like a comet bound
for space, yet ensorcelling each

I haven’t done one of Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday prompts for a long time. This is for an ekphrastic prompt based on the photo above. It sent me off into mythology, as well as the stars. For most of Colleen’s prompts, you must write a poem using one of the listed syllabic forms. This is a Crapsey Cinquain series—though I don’t think I have the rhythm quite right. First draft.

44 thoughts on “Star-Storied

  1. Merril, this is fabulous! The rhythm is lovely and flowing like ocean waves. The connection to the stars and the trireme vessel sailing the seas gives the cinquain series a story-like quality! I love it! ❤

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  3. each pulse,
    part of time’s dust
    in gleaming streams–glimmers
    of what was, what is, what might be–

    This particular verse reminds me of a comment a science teacher once made. The last words of Caesar; “Et tu, Brute” – the molecules of that breath are still wondering around in our atmosphere!

    Begs the question does anything really ever vanish? Or does it just change the shape of its energy? 😀

    • What a lovely, thoughtful comment! Thank you, Jules.
      Yes, I think about that often–not the last breaths wandering around, but that air, minerals, etc, just keep getting recycled.(Though of course, Julius Caesar didn’t really say that–it was Shakespeare’s line.) 😀

  4. In love with that picture. It looks absolutely dreamy!
    It goes so well with your amazingly
    magical write up. I personally am very interested in the celestial affairs and I see that We share a similar interest.
    Do go through my articles too and don’t forget to drop in your feedbacks!!!


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