Windswept by John William Waterhouse

Beauty beats with aching heart–
beneath the blue of summer sky
tender-veined leaves tremble
at the wuthering wind,

yet, if it moans—
recalling winter’s wayward sway
to black and grey–

let it take you through dream-time shadows
to the after—and again–
the languid bright of summer days,
red-berried and green,
bird-voiced harmony in the light.

I had to struggle to get a poem today from the Oracle. As usual though, she knows what’s going on. Even while it’s still hot and sticky, there are traces of autumn in the wind and in the shorter days.

27 thoughts on “Windswept

  1. I love how this one takes us into winter and beyond, to bring us back to summer again. I suppose that is the essence of what she gave me too. Whatever we have, we hanker after what we’ve lost, but there’s always the future.

  2. the changing seasons, leaving one behind, slowly reaching towards another, each with traces of memory of the before and after. Lovely Merril thank you! Warm summery weather a day or so ago, and now there’s snow on the mountains and its freezing ..

    • That’s very true. Is that where you are? If so, I hope you stay safe, Pat.

      We’ve have a couple of hurricanes and nor’easters in NJ (and tornados), but fortunately we’ve been OK.

  3. I love ‘the wuthering wind’! I once visited the house which inspired Wuthering Heights and it was certainly wild and windy. Hints of autumn in the air here too – the temperature is perfect for me now 😊

    • Thank you very much. It would be cool to see that house. I know Jane grew up around the Bronte area.
      It’s not really very autumnal here. It’s a bit cooler today, but still humid. We’ll probably be back to the heat soon.

  4. I like your poem very much. As much as I enjoy the changing of the seasons for the sense of new beginnings they bring, memories of summer hold a special significance, particuarly the older I get.

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