The Wind Whispers Storms

Clouds over the Delaware River

The wind whispers, storms
over river dreams, the river seems
awake and wild, shimmering—riled
by ancient breath or humming moon.

The wind whispers, storms
too soon the blue, the hue
of water-sky. So high the ospreys fly
through shifting clouds, the rustling loud

as the wind whispers, storms,
through trees, bent but proud.
The squirrels chitter, the deer skitter,
while blue becomes slate grey–

they hide or stay.
The wind whispers storms,
but the sun, bright-rayed
comes out to play.

And the wind whispers,
the storms have gone away.

Ingrid is doing a dVerse prompt on oral poetry. I’m not sure that I did it exactly. I often read my poetry out loud and adjust it. This is not the best recording, but here it is. 😀 I finally figured out how to post it here.

84 thoughts on “The Wind Whispers Storms

  1. I love all of the assonance you have packed in here Merril, it really makes the poem sing. And the repeated whisper of the wind, which in the end brings some relief in the final line. It was lovely to hear you read – thank you for including the recording!

  2. I love the rhythm and rhyme to this, Merril. The idea also resonates, where the sky keeps promising to bring storms but then the sun comes out to play. I like how the blue sky turns to grey. Nice to hear you read it as well 🙂

  3. I loved listening to this. I read it first, and thought; I think I read this as Merril means it.
    Then I saw the listen thing, and it sounded just as I had read it!
    Thank you!!!!

  4. This is breathtakingly beautiful, Merril! I especially love; “So high the ospreys fly
    through shifting clouds, the rustling loud as the wind whispers.”💝💝

  5. Thank you for persisting with the audio. I enjoyed it all the way through, especially the lilting note at the end. Others have mentioned the assonance; I noticed the sibilant sounds too. Well done, Merril!

  6. Merril,
    Evocative imagery of storm threatening, storm averted, the river, the moon, the deer and the osprey pulsing as one. Simply beautiful, and beautifully read.

  7. What a STORM it was, maybe even worse for you all then us here in New England. It STORMED all night long – with 4-8 inches of STORMY rain. Your STORM poem is fabulous, and I love hearing it with your voice as well! May we have no more STORMS for awhile now!

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