Feeling Groovy

Not old enough to drink or drive—

feeling tongue-and-groovy, we think

we know romance.

Remember your purple-striped bell-bottom pants,

that vest with fringe, you’d wear at school?

My hair was long, we were lean.

I embroidered a peace sign on my jeans.

So cool.

For dVerse Quadrille where De has asked us to use the word groove. Our older child found these grainy yearbook photos of us. I’ll have to look for some better photos.

76 thoughts on “Feeling Groovy

  1. I think I actually had purple bell-bottom trousers! They even may of had some embroidered tape on the hems. Seems a life time ago. Thanks for the memories!

    • Thank you and you’re welcome!
      The purple-striped pants were actually pants my husband wore then (you can see them in the photo)! I don’t think I had any purple pants, but I did have a purple paisley print dress with long bell sleeves!

  2. Love this! I can feel the memories flowing through you as you recall the times and style. When I talk to my mom about the 1960s’ (which is, well, rarely), she ALWAYS brings up bell-bottoms. That’s what she saw the most in her childhood then.

    • Thank you, Lucy. This would have been early 70s. I was still a little kid in the 60s, and girls were not allowed to wear pants in school! And boys weren’t allowed to wear jeans. Then it changed when I got to 10th grade. 😀

  3. These images? These memories? Way way beyond priceless. Totally beyond
    groove-a-licious! Oh, how we thought we knew it all, were positive we did. Passing decades prove we didn’t, but with passing decades comes immense knowledge. Love your Quadrille.

  4. Love these photos…..oh yes….as teens we had the long hair, the belll=bottoms that had embroidery on them and we did indeed feel groovy or as we used to say, “with it”.
    So long ago for me but I do remember the days.

  5. AHA! Dale and I are trying to bring back groovy!
    It’s been gone to long. What replaced it….worry?
    The poem is a groovy.
    You sound like one heck of a groovy gal.
    Perhaps we should rekindle groovin’ on Sunday afternoons. Love this!

  6. We WERE groovy. And are even groovier now… right? Except not with bell bottoms. 🙂 I have a big-number high school reunion the end of this month. My daughter is going with me (7 hour drive). I haven’t seen my classmates in many, many, MANY years. Will I recognize the groovy ones?

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