At the Start of the Moment

Monday Morning Musings

“You are here, at the start of a moment,
On the edge of the world.
Where the river meets the sea.”
—“Welcome to the Rock,” from Come From Away

I am here, by the river
the sky is blue—or grey—
cloudy or clear, I am here
at the start of the day

Early Morning on the Delaware River, September.

watching the birds,
remembering the shadows
need the light, and thoughts
need words, to tell how time goes

Geese on the Delaware

Orange sun through the trees–Light and Shadows.

slow, then faster, people gone
before you know to say good-bye.
All the stories left untold,
and new ones born, the river sighs.

There a hawk cries,
There the sun rises, anew—
There a cat finds the light
There you find again the blue

that comes after storms and grey.
We celebrate the holidays—
you are there, and we are here
but we find some ways

to connect and remember.
We toast L’chaim, to life, with wine
and food we commemorate,
and for now, we’re fine

at the start of this moment—
and we soar into the next and the next

without a clue–what’s beyond the blue.

Goose photobombs egret’s big photo shoot.

This week started with Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah—it already seems so far away. We celebrated with our daughter and son-in-law. The next night, we had a Zoom dinner with both children and their spouses. Saturday was September 11. The sky that day was so blue, just as it was twenty years ago. In the afternoon, we went to Blue Cork Winery (where daughter now works) in Williamstown, NJ. It was a gorgeous day to sit outside. We’re going back to summer heat and humidity today.

Last night we watched Come From Away (Apple TV+). I have a couple months of Apple TV free, but Apple does not make it easy to watch on a not-smart TV. This is a filmed version of a live stage production of the musical—filmed recently in a newly opened theater before a masked audience. Although I did not feel it quite so much as when we saw it live in a theater, it is still a wonderful play based on the true events of 9/11—when 38 planes were diverted to the Newfoundland town of Gander. It is heartwarming without being treacly, and it shows people at their best. The play was also performed live on Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

If you’ve seen the show, I just found this article, and it made me happy.

52 thoughts on “At the Start of the Moment

  1. This was so beautiful, Merril! The gorgeous blue sky seems to follow you wherever you go. Yesterday, after working on a proposal for ten hours, I took a break and saw your orange sun photo on IG. It was exactly what my weary eyes needed. Of course, I could have used a glass of vino, too!

  2. Beautiful photos and lovely poem. What a week!
    Aww… Come From Away. I want to see it again! (not on TV, though 😉 )

    Yesterday was such a beautiful day, my plans for writing a blog post went right out the window and past where I was sitting with my book in hand to land who knows where;-)

  3. Your words sing as usual Merril. What I wanted to say was despite the act of terrorism of 9/11 it’s remarkable how people were at their best and how many heroes stepped up to the plate, even in Newfoundland where one person was suddenly inundated with so many diverted planes and a town turned out in kindness to help find accommodation for all those stranded passengers. And a phone company provided them with free calls. We can all pull together, in the same direction, when we need to. I can’t understand why we can’t do it when we want to. We’re all the same despite you living there and me living here.

  4. Again, a lovely poem and gorgeous photos! I love that you Zoom dinner with your family. Since this pandemic, we’ve met up with long-distance friends using Zoom and Facetime more than we did before, a sliver of a silver lining 😉 I hear you about Apple TV. I had a couple of months free as well, but it was so awkward to use on our old digital TV.

    • Thank you so much, Marie. We were doing a Friday Shabbos Zoom dinner every week since the pandemic, but then daughter’s schedule changed. We’re hoping to go back to it soon–even if conditions change.
      Yeah, it’s a pain with Apple. I don’t have problems casting other shows.

  5. Happy you celebrated Rosh Hashanah the best you could!
    I’m quite intrigued by the Pumpkin-Yellow Split Pea Soup! Yummo.
    Yet, even more yummo is your writing.
    …Fine for now, I’m too!

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