Almost autumn with an Egret. the Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield

Linger here—wait, hereafter–
listen to the gulls call in laughter.
Rest awhile in this in-between
the sky so blue, the trees still green—

soon, the russet-leaves will fall,
and we’ll recall–

memories dim–rose-scent and sun-kissed skin
as icy fingers stroke your chin.

A quadrille for dVerse. Linda has asked us to use the word linger. We’re just about at the autumnal equinox, and the weather seems perfectly balanced. I wish it would linger like this for awhile.

72 thoughts on “Linger–Quadrille

  1. “Rest awhile in this in-between” – I like the invitation in this line.
    Autumn is such a transitional season of slow coloring and falling. I will rest awhile in this space today.
    Thank you,

  2. First, “Linger here—wait, hereafter” is just an amazing hook. Second, I love it when someone manages a rhyming quadrille with such solid meter (plus the triple rhyme in the last couplet is perfect)

  3. Merril,
    Your writing is so polished I almost missed its subtly increasing intimacy with the reader, brought front and center with the last line. Perfect wintry presentiment.

  4. This “lingers” with me as fall approaching with its own palette of colors and the smokey air of chimneys being lit. The greens will soon fade and we will once again crave spring and it’s greens.

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