Wastelands: Prosery

“Tapestry of Picasso’s Guernica, by Jacqueline de la Baume Dürrbach. . . It is significant for the political and cultural stance of the Whitechapel Gallery, which exhibited the painting in 1939. The original work is now too fragile to leave Madrid. . .”

I still have nightmares. Not of hiding for days in a fetid crawlspace. I don’t dream of my terror then. I am Every Woman, dreaming of war’s terrors. I am Cassandra with visions of what might be. End times.

I’m in a desolate waste land. What are the roots that clutch? What branches grow out of this stony rubbish? The roots are arms with hands outstretched and reaching; the branches are watered with blood.

The dream doesn’t come every night, but when it does, I wake up screaming and bathed in sweat. Will finding Paul make me feel better or worse? I don’t know, but I must have some answers. Because if he’s a traitor and still alive, he may be helping to destroy all that I hold dear while turning our world into a waste land. And I will have to stop him.

(144 words)

This is for Mish’s Prosery Prompt using the lines:

“What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow
Out of this stony rubbish?”
–from T.S. Eliot, “The Waste Land”

My last prosery piece ended with the first sentence used in this one.

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58 thoughts on “Wastelands: Prosery

  1. Oh that Paul, he’s such a mystery. Love the way you connect and continue your story, though I’m sure I’ve unfortunately missed a few segments. Wonderful writing. I really liked the way you expanded on T.S. Eliot’s line!

  2. The nightmare not enought, the uncertainty of Pauls nefarious action leadens the story in an impactful way. Well done.

    Thanks for dropping by to read mine


  3. You “caught” me right away, particularly since I woke up screaming from a nightmare two nights ago. I still have those every once in a while. No bad guys or traitor’s in my life’s story – just shadows dancing in the night.

  4. Fab, Merril! This is a continuing story, am I correct?
    If not, what am thinking of?
    Love that tapestry. The artist/crafts person must have been massively inspired by the painting.

    • Thank you, Resa. Yes, it’s part of this spy series that I’ve been writing for Prosery. I’m not sure how or if it all fits together. 🤣
      Yes, isn’t that tapestry incredible?

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