When, Then, Now

Sunrise over the Delaware River at West Deptford, NJ

When water watches the pink sky,
and time plays with rust and diamonds–
in that moment the honeyed light sings
with gathered breath of stars and beats
an ancient and eternal rhythm.

Ask then—
if dreams drift from above,
to catch in moonglade,
or sparkle like spoondrift–

and you beneath,
embracing the blue ghosts that linger
in the slow smile of dawn.

My poem from the Oracle. She always knows. This is a strange time of year–beautiful and melancholy. We’ve had some spectacular sunrises lately–this one is from today– but we’re supposed to get thunderstorms later today. Last night my sleep was disrupted by some sort of police activity going on–very unusual. We live in a quiet neighborhood. We have a memorial service to attend, as well.

I guess WP is changing things again–the preview button has options now.

28 thoughts on “When, Then, Now

  1. A spectacular sunrise, Merril! We’re being treated to some wonderful light shows at both ends of the day. I’ve found a positive in the nights closing in because at least I never miss them. Hope all is well in your neighborhood, and at the memorial.

    • Thank you so much, Ingrid. I will probably see more sunsets now, too, since they’re earlier. 😏
      I’m not sure what was going on here, but it all seems ok. I did see a car that was damaged, so perhaps that was it–though there were several police cars and other vehicles with flashing lights that woke me up.
      It was a service for my husband’s uncle–good to see some people we hadn’t seen in a while.

  2. Your title as usual piqued my interest, and again I resonate with the dissonance in our lives–in your case, weather changes, uncharacteristic police activity, and an impending memorial service. You record the beauty that nature graciously offers, a VERY good thing. Thanks, Merril!

    • Thank you! I just read yours this morning. (I took a break yesterday.) We do have the same atmosphere, and I love that you got the violinist. I didn’t even see it show up in my tiles–probably because the Oracle knew you had already used it. 😀

      • I can’t remember what made me think of violins. The Oracle nudging probably. I hope you had a good day yesterday. The weather here is glorious. We ate outside this lunchtime, haven’t done that in a while. Husband has been working away for the last couple of weeks so I’ve had the sunshine to myself.

      • Oh, that sounds lovely. I’m glad your husband is back and you got to enjoy the beautiful weather. We were supposed to go out this afternoon, but it turned cloudy and it’s so windy.

      • The good weather is still with us, and it’s going to be quite hot tomorrow, but it’s changing. The clouds are forming, high and wispy and there’s a wind getting up (just to catch up with you). It’s been a fantastic autumn though.

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