Poems in Sledgehammer and Dead Skunk

I’ve had a couple of good poetry days, which I really needed. I am so pleased to have another poem in Sledgehammer. My thanks to EIC J. Archer Avary, who accepted this poem when I was feeling down. You can read my poem, “Theme and Variations” here.

I also have a poem in the very first issue of Dead Skunk. It definitely does not stink! My thanks to editors Suzanne Samples & E. Samples. You can read my poem “This is Not–and Is” here.

I made “non-sausage” rolls for dinner on Friday. The name came about because a friend used to make sausage rolls with Italian sausage. I adapted her recipe over the years, and now make a meatless and utterly delicious version.

Non- sausage Roll

40 thoughts on “Poems in Sledgehammer and Dead Skunk

  1. Congratulations Merril! Two wonderful poems: the first so full of hope, and the second answering my question, ‘what does the non-sausage roll contain?’ 😊

  2. Congratulations on your publications, Merril! I love both poems. I’ve saved “Themes and Variations in my Evernote “Poems for Troubled Times” folder. “This is Not–and Is” brought a smile.

  3. Awesome works, Merril. The opening couplet in that Slegehammer piece just totally blew me away. A great poem. And that pizza poem has my stomach growling (despite the overpowering dead skunk odor).
    Conga rats on both. Merril.

      • I know many poems are there to reflect unhappiness or sadness but the quality of the wordsmith make a big difference. That one led me there and I’m sorry if I misinterpreted your meaning this time but I suppose readers moods can affect thoughts too.
        Massive Hugs

  4. Mazal tov! I especially liked the Sledgehammer piece, Merril.

    Tell me, in terms of submitting material that hasn’t been published elsewhere, is there a point at which they let you know that poems have not been accepted (so you can publish them in another place)?


    • Thank you so much for reading and for your comment, David. I’m pleased you liked “Theme and Variations.” (If I remember correctly, I’ve submitted that one a few times and revised it a few times.)

      It all depends on the journal. Yes, most places will not accept previously published poems (including your blog/social media), but a few will. Most of the time when you look at their submission information, it will give you an estimation of when you will hear back from them. This can be anywhere from a week to several months–or longer. Some places allow you to submit your poem(s) to more than one place at the same time. It really varies, so just check the site and follow the directions carefully.

    • Thank you so much, Derrick! I was pleased with the photos the editors paired with my poems, too. They weren’t mine.
      Your comment about the if made me chuckle. I guess it slips in everywhere now. 😀

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