From the Ashes–Quadrille

Blast and crash,
bright white bomb flash–
red-fire flowers and dragon’s hot breath
destruction, and the aftermath, of forever


from which you rise. Again. Remember.
Clay-cloaked secrets star-baked, retold in storied glory—
Golem or phoenix? Myth or fated?
Survivor embraced or avenger awaited?

For dVerse where Sarah is hosting Quadrille Monday. We’re to use the word ash. This is a puente.

Paper with phoenix pattern, Unidentified artist(s) , Chinese, early 20th century. Purchase, Bequest of Dorothy Graham Bennett, 1989, Metropolitan Museum of Art

77 thoughts on “From the Ashes–Quadrille

  1. This is absolutely breathtaking, Merril! 😀 I especially love; “Clay-cloaked secrets star-baked, retold in storied glory.”💝💝

  2. Clay-cloaked secrets star-baked — whoot!

    I think the poetic form works really well here, in this piece – love the way it showcases cause and effect – and the second stanza really is both command and questions: remember. Remember. It does act as double edged-sword, does one truly know, understand, rise again, having understood, or does one repeat? or, as is “necessity born of fate” – touches upon the philosophical – we must be both parts of the coin, the differences we perceive, yet really of the same face ….

    truly fascinating treatment of “ash” – I’m really digging this, I think you did this exceptionally well, in a highly creative way – well done indeed.

  3. You had me at “red fire-flowers and dragon’s hot breath, destruction and the aftermath of forever”. An excellent quadrille, and prime puente.

  4. So much depends on what our eyes want to see–this is vivid and seriously good writing, full of nuance and impact and questions implied–can forever really be destroyed, can something come from the nothing it leaves behind? I love “red-fire flowers and dragon’s hot breath” and “Golem or Phoenix..” The most impressive part is all you manage to convey in these few short lines.

  5. Very excellent indeed – not that you need me to tell you so. Excellent and artful piecing together of various mythic elements to command something truly your own.

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