Caught by the Moon

Moon setting in sunrise glow over the Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield.

Cloud-shrouded, yet still you are there,
melodies slide through air
in moonsong

loud and clear. Without a regret,
we live; never forget
we’re moonstruck

and love-mad, bewitched by the light
of centuries, the sight
of moonglow

river reflected, directed
at you—so, connected,
a moonsoul

dancing in wind’s susurration
without hesitation
in moonjoy.

For dVerse. Grace has asked us to write a Compound Word Verse:
“a poetry form invented by Margaret R. Smith that consists of five 3-line stanzas, for a total of 15 lines. The last line of each stanza ends in a compound word and these compound words share a common stem word which is taken from the title.”
How could I not write about the moon when I took this photo this morning? This is a first draft. 😀

86 thoughts on “Caught by the Moon

  1. Wow! That is an incredible photograph. I am struck by how many new forms of poetry there are. I’m wondering what the impulse behind it is: a form of play, a challenge, or needing a new form to express an experience that doesn’t align with currently existing forms.

  2. Well written Merril, and enjoyable to read my friend. Sticking to the 883 was tough. I just went light and a bit mirthful, with the essence of my piece, which allowed me to stay solid. I do not like poetry forms, though it can be more fun as a puzzle than serious writing. However, if I do form, my OCD nature forces me to strive for exactness, or it bothers me all day and beyond. I hate that aspect of myself. That’s why I am primarily free verse. Good piece here my friend… 👍🏼🙂

  3. I love your photo, and these variations on the theme of the moon! I love the sense of ever-present connection with the moon that this poem evokes:

    ‘Without a regret,
    we live; never forget
    we’re moonstruck’

    These lines really spoke to me 🙂

  4. Moon is such a good word to play with. You made some lovely combinations—moonsong, of course.
    I agree about the abrupt aspect of this form. I’m not keen on the imposition of the base word either as there aren’t too many obvious ones. I almost used moon too 🙂

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