Dreams in Blue

Monday Morning Afternoon Musings:

Frosted River Blues ©️Merril D. Smith, 2021

I dreamt my dad
was visiting Boston, as was I.
I knew it was a dream, but I was glad
to see him, to know he didn’t die

completely. Death takes,
but the mind recalls—
at least in dreams. We wake
to cry or sigh or laugh, but all

is part of life, like spring and fall—
the cycle of the seasons, the folds
of time–dream-me is not one age, clocks toll
differently there, controlled

by mind, the shadows and the light.

Now, beneath a canopy of crimson, gold,
and yellow-green
I gaze up at the blue-gowned sky, foretold
by orbit’s path and revolution, the unseen and the seen–

November Sunrise over a Frosted Field ©️Merril D. Smith, 2021

the beauty of frosted November mornings,
despite the baring of the trees, the death of things,
the ignoring of all warnings—
see the gulls fly with scintillating wings

reflecting the glow, and letting it go?

Autumn Scene, ©️Merril D. Smith, 2021

This the balance, life and death–
the cloth bag I took to my mother’s hangs on a chair waiting,
I take a breath,

to make her death final and real.
Crow caws beauty, evil, life and death—all are true,
parts of a whole, a cycle, the real we feel,
a sigh within, a heart-soar reaching for the endless blue.

I have been amazed this week by the beauty of nature. The glorious light of this time of year, even the frost is beautiful. Soon, everything will look barren and grey, so I’m enjoying this while I can. I’ve also been dismayed by how willing people are to embrace the haters and those who spread misinformation. People I know who “don’t believe in” masks voted for the baby Trumpty-Dumpties, who have already been called out for racist slurs. UGHHHHH!
But on the bright side, I got to see friends this week—who definitely do NOT believe this nonsense.

And today, I went walking and talking with a friend. Then we had my homemade challah cinnamon toast and coffee and talked some more. Thus, the late post today. I will be back in a little while because I’m hosting Prosery on dVerse today.

Merril’s Movie/TV Club:

We watched and finished Maid (Netflix), inspired by Stephanie Land’s memoir. My husband and I both enjoyed it, although after the first episode, he looked at me and said something like, “well, that was uplifting.” But if you haven’t watched it, there are funny incidents, times of joy, and surreal moments—it’s not all bleak. I listened to an NPR interview with Stephanie Land that was done before the Netflix series. Here

We streamed a new movie, I Am Your Man (rental, Amazon Prime). It’s a German movie about an archeologist who agrees to evaluate an android who has been designed to be her perfect partner. It’s sort of a rom-com with a tiny touch of sci-fi, but also poignant– as it asks what we really want in a mate. Do we want perfection? And also, apparently Dan Stevens can do anything, even speak German. We both liked this movie a lot. Trailer here.

24 thoughts on “Dreams in Blue

  1. I’m pleased you got to see your dad in your dreams, Merril. I tend to like those kind of dreams, as I feel it brings us closer. What blessed Autumn light you are bathed in at the moment! 🍁

    • Thank you very much, Ingrid. The light has been beautiful!
      I don’t dream of my dad very often, and it was funny because my friend told me she’d been thinking a lot about her dad because this around the time of year he died.

  2. Your area is having the most beautiful late autumn. The image of the cloth bag on the back of the chair, waiting, really hit home. My mother’s effects are in the guest room, where they’ve been for two years now.

    • Thank you, Liz. It really has been beautiful.
      I can understand why that image would resonate with you. It’s funny, but that bag has been hanging on the chair–the one I sit in every single day!–but it just didn’t register until I started cleaning for my friend’s visit. Our enclosed porch still has a few huge piles of my mom’s paintings.

  3. This was a beautiful poem and your pictures are fabulous. I, too. have been enjoying the beautiful start to November. Those greys will come but let’s not focus on that!
    I watched the first episode of Maid. I had the same reaction as Doug! So… you say I should stick with it? 🙂

    • Thank you–and yes, exactly. 😀
      Well, I can’t say what you’ll think, but I was glad I stuck with it. I got involved with her story, and I wanted to see how it would end. I mean you know she ends up writing a memoir. 😏 But despite all the sad and maddening things, there are some funny moments, too. And I thought both she and Andie McDowell (her real-life mother) did an excellent job.

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