Odilon Redon, “Béatrice”

she’s crownedxxxxxxxxxresplendent
in golden light, xxxxxxxxthe sun is gowned,
halo-headed xxxxxxxxxxand the warmth of her smile
shimmering, xxxxxxxxxxthaws heart-frost–and ground,
she is the bright future xwhere a seed planted now sprouts–
and there is hopexxxxxx knowledge will grow, star-dusted
again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand glowing

A cleave quadrille for dVerse. De has asked us to use the word crown. A quadrille is a dVerse poetry form. It’s a poem of 44 words.

67 thoughts on “Crowned

  1. Now I want to send this on to every teacher I know. Congratulations on turning out such a marvelous split poem–it is very hard to do well.

  2. Have always loved this form of a poem – and you’ve done it so well. Read across in normal way; read down left column only; read down right column only. I love all three and most especially the column reading down on the right. Beautiful 3 in 1!

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