Colors of Time

Monday Morning Musings:

“People observe the colors of a day only at its beginnings and ends, but to me it’s quite clear that a day merges through a multitude of shades and intonations, with each passing moment.

A single hour can consist of thousands of different colors.”
–Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

Another Tree Spirit

Follow the shadows
through dreams colored with deep-time
longing. The seeds nested, specks
of hope, driven by time—
unleashed cycles, harmonic notes

star-born melodies
heard without, but held within
blood, skin, and organs—dust of
ancient incandescence
infinite shades of light from yesterday

merge with tomorrow
harmony and dissonance,
my parents speak in dream-time
enrooted in my mind
and heart, we are united

as midnight blue shifts
to violet, then golden
blaze, an ageless song of light
captured, remembered as
it passes, every color

in time, of time, time-
charged, time-changed by shifts of chance,
a crash, a brief encounter,
a prism of color
light reborn, transformed, transcendent.

The rising sun captured in a bottle.

I didn’t go anywhere this week or do anything special, but the changing temperatures and weather have made for some incredible skies. Influenced by Jane Dougherty, I decided to try a wayra chain today for my musings.

Merril’s Movie/TV/Book Club:

We saw The Hand of God (Netflix), Italian director Paolo Sorrentino’s autobiographical coming-of-age movie. The movie is set in Naples and full of quirky characters, as well as some surreal images, combining warmth, fate, tragedy—and soccer—in a poignant cinematic memoir.

We watched Anxious People (Netflix), a Swedish series written by Fredrik Bachman based on his novel. (He also wrote A Man Called Ove.) This limited series of 6 short, bingeable episodes (we watched it in two nights) is quirky, but heartwarming. My husband and I both enjoyed how the story was revealed over time. You would see something like a man’s bandaged nose, but not find out how it happened until another episode. The story concerns a failed bank robbery/hostage situation with a father-son pair of police officers who are not used to dealing with such crimes. It’s more Nordic charm than Nordic noir.

I read Lauren Groff’s Matrix, a novel based on the twelfth-century Marie de France. Little is known about her, so Groff is free to invent her life, which she does, in this beautifully written book.

72 thoughts on “Colors of Time

  1. I had to look up Wayra – surprisingly difficult to find!
    And I love how you colour-coordinated your images, in tune with the opening quote and the beautiful poem that followed.
    Happy Monday!

  2. Love this: “star-born melodies
    heard without, but held within
    blood, skin, and organs—dust of
    ancient incandescence
    infinite shades of light from yesterday”

    And as Dale pointed out, the way you color coordinated your beautiful images with your beautiful words.

    The winter light has been wonderful. I often wonder if it’s new or if it’s something I failed to notice with such intensity in the past.

    • Thank you so much, Robin. I’m pleased you enjoyed words and photos. the color-coordinating was not exactly planned, but I’m glad it worked. 😀

      I remember thinking that in the autumn–that I hadn’t paid as much attention to the light and beauty in previous years.

  3. Merril, you have posted some amazing shots here.
    Your prose is rose-y. Adore it.
    I will get Netflix. There’s a lot of great programming. I need to get a tv I can stream on.
    Always… waiting for Covid to calm down.

    There’s an HBO limited series you might like. “My Brilliant Friend”. 14 episodes.

    • Thank you very much, Resa. We use Chromecast to stream to our TV. One of these days we’ll get a smart TV, I guess.
      I know of My Brilliant Friend, but I haven’t read the books, and I don’t have HBO.

      • Ahh! too many choices. I got a free Chromecast from the Academy, but it messed everything up with our provider, so I disbanded it.
        Starting around late March, I get free access to all networks and streaming services nomination wanna be’s, until end of August.
        Thing is we have a stupid TV, so I have to watch everything on my laptop.
        We keep saying, as soon as the pandemic is over” …. We might have to change that saying!

  4. Your commenters mentioned having to look up “wayra.” I was unfamiliar with it too, so here goes: The Wayra (Quechua – wind ) is a popular verse form of Peru and Bolivia. … It is a short syllabic verse form found at Vole Central and some other sites around the internet. The elements of the Wayra are: a pentastich, a poem in 5 lines.

    There’s probably more to it than that, but the definition satisfied my curiosity.

    North Florida dusk is now sporting pink and blue banners, sort of like your trio of photos. Thanks!

  5. Gorgeous photos and poem, Merril! I haven’t been out for sunrise or sunset, but the clouds in-between have been very interesting and surreal down here. Thanks for the movie suggestion. I listened to an audio version of A Man Called Ove and loved it.

  6. Your poetry and images flow with the rise and fall of a symphony, Merril. It sounds like you watched some great movies. I caulked baseboards and continue to work on touch up paint on the first floor renovation. Almost done!

  7. Lovely, Merril! I will look up Matrix; I hadn’t heard of it. In the last few years the Swedish stuff we’ve watched has not been the best at all. Much prefer the British and continental stuff we’ve watched.

    • Thank you, Luanne!
      I just happened to find Matrix in the library. I’m reading Louise Erdrich’s The Sentence now-a book I found on the same library visit. Totally different, but also beautiful writing.

      Anxious People was fun. I can’t remember the last Swedish series we watched–Icelandic, Finnish, Danish.. .We love the Japanese show on Netflix, Midnight Diner, and I watch a lot of British shows, too, and German, French. . .well, I guess every country has good and bad shows! 😀

  8. The quote about colors of the day, and your resulting poem, brings me so much peach and emotion at the same time. I want to notice/appreciate the colors of each hour more now. Your photos are always such a delight to see on Insta and FB. Lastly, I read Anxious People and LOVED the book. It’s on the list I’ll post tomorrow, as well as woven into a story.

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