Slumbering Sun Rises Again


“The wild swan’s death-hymn took the soul
Of that waste place with joy
Hidden in sorrow”
–Alfred Tennyson, “The Dying Swan” (1830)

The sun in slumber,
a bird, head tucked beneath wings,
waiting for the storm to pass
trees lashed by sharp-tongued wind
who screams with frozen breath, “I’m here.”

Now marmalade sky–
Seemingly gone, light returns
again and again, dazzling
us with beauty and hope
a better tomorrow comes.


Do we wait for if?
Do we sail the ship of fools,
or look for wiser pilots?
Each dawn a new page turned,
some dog-eared, marked for remembrance

in sorrow or joy,
we’re prisoners of finite
who hold the infinite, too—
memories of the past
and dreams of the future

we inhale stardust
as star-bird melodies call
the reminder of always
we are connected too–
sky, sea, earth, forever embraced.

Not much to say this week. It snowed, and it’s cold. Joy and sorrow.People are still spewing crazy theories and trying to destroy our democracy and the world, but the sun comes up. There’s poetry. There’s so much that I love.

If you’re a poet, and on Twitter, I’m hosting @TopTweetTuesday tomorrow for Black Bough Poetry. Post a short, imagist poem, if you’d like. See @TopTweetTuesday for more details.

Merril’s Movie Club:
We watched two movies this week. We both really liked Swan Song (2021). I don’t know if you can view it without Apple TV+, but if you can, I highly recommend it (unless you only like action movies). 😊 Starring Marhershala Ali (he was in Moonlight) as a man who is terminally ill, and who must make a decision about whether to replace himself with a clone or not. It is beautifully done.
We also watched Last Night in Soho (Amazon Prime rental). I also really enjoyed it—though I didn’t expect it to turn as dark as it did. It’s very clever and beautifully and creatively filmed. It’s been described as “trippy.” The story involves a young woman who goes to London to follow her dream to be a fashion designer. She’s obsessed by the 1960s, and (sort of) time-travels back there. Lots of ‘60s music and references. I think this may have been the last movie Diana Rigg was in.

We’re also watching The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window on Netflix. It’s a spoof of that genre, but there’s also a mystery. It’s a fun show with short, bingeable episodes and Kristen Bell. Sometimes that’s all you want, right?

Random Food and Cat Photos

52 thoughts on “Slumbering Sun Rises Again

  1. Love your Monday Musings.
    That second image has a sort of trompe-l’oeil to it – the reflection looks like it bends down into a waterfall.
    It seems our cold snap will finally break this week. Jeez louise…
    Oh! I was curious about “The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window” – wondering if it was a spoof on “The Woman in the Window” with Amy Adams…

    • Thank you very much, Jill!
      They are good. I realized a few months ago that when I take the vegetables out of the oven, I can just lay the tacos on the rack for a couple minutes instead of heating them in a pan.

  2. I just love this metaphor:

    “Each dawn a new page turned,
    some dog-eared, marked for remembrance

    in sorrow or joy”

    I’ve saved it in my favorite metaphors folder.

    I love the expression on your cat’s face in that last photo. It’s like, “You stuck me at the end of the random food photos? Seriously?”

  3. Beautiful images, thoughtful words. I’m trying to ignore the people who are spewing and destroying, for now. I wish the media would do the same. I think you are the source of the movies that show up on my Netflix queue, the ones in which M asks, “How did that get on our list?” You watch interesting films and programs.

    • Thanks so much, Robin.
      I want to know what’s going on, but I don’t want to see or hear too much about the crazy, awful people.
      I hope you only tell M I’m the source if you like the films and programs. 😀

  4. It does look cold, Merril! 🥶 a beautiful poem, and good luck with TTT 😊 I won’t be able to join as I have a crammed schedule tomorrow and I’m travelling 🤪

  5. I love photos of winter. Not sure if I really want to be in winter, but I love the photos 😉 And your poem … always there’s hope, but I do appreciate the dismay over the seemingly endless conspiracy theories and lies that are thrown about. I’ve really cut back on my news consumption. Greg keeps me informed. So far, nothing he’s shared yet has surprised me 😦

  6. You keep doing this beautifully: Attaching magical words to photos I’ve seen earlier in the week on social media. I especially liked these lines:

    “trees lashed by sharp-tongued wind/who screams with frozen breath, “I’m here.”
    May the wind abate and temperatures rise. . . !

  7. Your food photos are always mouth-watering.
    You capture so well the surreal aspect of politics here. Every day it astounds me.
    But the earth retains its beauty. At least for now. (K)

  8. You do pretty great musings, Merril. I am mused.
    Yes, the sun comes up here as protesters carry trump flags!?!?
    I do live in Canada…right?
    92% of Canadians are vaxxed. That last 8% is a fu@%!ng bitch.

    Still, I find your prose beautiful and calming.
    I’d love to see “Last Night in Soho”. I’m a big fan of Dianna Rigg. Also, I am a designer. You have piqued my curiosity. 💙

    • Thank you, Resa! I hope things are starting to calm down. I so despise these people who think who put their selfish stupidity above others and call it freedom.
      I think you would like “Last Night in Soho.” It’s very different, and as I said, it gets very dark, but it does have a lot of 60s era fashion and music.

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