Morning Moon over the Delaware River

Sky-nibbled moon caught
between white cat-paw clouds,

descends, returns,
constant in her inconstancy, she rotates
keeping a side to herself, but always pulling–

follower or lover, which is she? Forces
in symbiosis–
the ebb-flow of oceans and blood,
the gravity of love and science.

Another poem about the moon. It’s an obsession! A quadrille for dVerse. The prompt word is nibble.

86 thoughts on “Pulling

  1. I had a no-moon because you took it ๐Ÿ™‚ The pull of the moon is something gardeners here take into account. No pruning some trees when the moon is waxing because the sap will be flowing.

  2. โ€˜constant in her inconstancy, she rotates
    keeping a side to herselfโ€™

    I love how youโ€™ve portrayed the moon here, Merril: she sounds like a wise lady!

    • Not everything I write is from a prompt, of course, but this one is dVerse. The link is there. dVerse prompts are posted on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and they are usually live for several days.

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