February–With Spring in the Air

The after-sky dreams red
a thousand times,
sings fiddle-sweet as bitter black is cast away


light me with color-song–
a thousand blues together,
the river murmurs
over and over
and honey-tongued earth breathes green.

And if ghosts come
with their fevered night secrets,
they vanish in caramel clouds
and champagne breezes laugh
to scatter pink-petaled magic
like smiles in morning light.

Last night it got very windy, but this morning is warm for February–about 50F when I got up. But, we’re supposed to have rain turning to snow after midnight tonight. Sigh. The Oracle knows all this, of course. The world is very strange right now, but even crazy truckers and conspiracy spreaders can’t stop spring from coming eventually.

34 thoughts on “February–With Spring in the Air

  1. Yes, our poems do have the same thoughts, the same looking towards spring. The word ‘fiddle’ popped out at me, but I left it for you (or maybe you’d already used it) and used ‘violined’ instead.

  2. Having seen your sunrise this morning, this poem is perfect to showcase the warmer temps and beautiful colours. (You stole them – all I had was grey, grey and more grey!)

  3. Sweet!
    This Oracle poem is so pretty!
    I needed some pretty.
    I’m so humiliated about the truckers. The crazy thing is they are a small minority of Canadians. Many have now had their commercial bank accounts frozen, have lost licences and insurance. Others have had their vehicles seized. These will be sold, and used to help fund the people in Ottawa whose lives they fu@%8d over for almost a month.

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