Hearts and Moons

Monday Morning Musings:

Morning Moon, Snow Moon

We wrap our hearts in fleecy blankets,
Valentine red, while the cold Snow Moon
sings her song, in silver notes falling,
falling, falling—

we don’t feel the movement
only the argent pull—magnetic attraction,
the flow of tides and blood
creating life, rising, and falling, falling

in revolutions around the sun,
in tilted rotations, come
the ebb and flow of existence
from star explosion, falling, falling, falling

and gravity caught and kept,
swept aside, buried to thrive,
the fruits of our earth consumed and reborn,
as falling, falling, falling

species die, yet birds survive.
Now the crows are calling
from trees deep-rooted,
but falling, falling, falling

leaves and seeds fly
as squirrels scamper and scold,
waving their tails, yet never
falling, falling, falling

only climbing higher to see
the deep ancient course
of water as it finds its way
the sea, rising, and falling, falling,

now rain and snow on
withered gardens that grow sun-bright–
and bee breath threaded gold
with pollen, falling, falling, falling

on flowers as they dance–
but even our simple eyes
can see the ghosts around us
falling, falling, falling

all around–
their memories
held in mind and heart, released
to join the stars, rising, falling, rising.


February was birthday month for us—children earlier in the month, and my husband and his mother’s this past week. We splurged and did a virtual Valentine wine and cheese tasting with wine and cheese we picked up at Tria in Philadelphia. It was so much fun—all French wine and cheese, except for one Vermont cheese. We saved the crémant to have with Indian food on my husband’s birthday.

This week we finished watching Inventing Anna (Netflix)—which I mentioned last week, and which definitely held our interest—and watched the first two episodes of the new season of Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime).

We wait to see if there will be war abroad and if our democracy will be toppled by right-wing authoritarians. But still, the moon shines, the days are getting longer, birds are beginning to sing, and spring is coming.


65 thoughts on “Hearts and Moons

  1. I like the form and repetition in your poem, Merril, and you know this is a favourite theme of mine! Happy Birthday to those special people in your life this month! 🎂

  2. I agree with Jill… y’all know how to celebrate every event! Our family has slowly stopped doing such and I feel I have to try harder to get them to want to do anything.
    Loved your poem with the last repeating line.

    So, tell me, what did you think of the first two episodes of Mrs. Maisel… It’s feeling forced and a tad over the top for me. I am not thrilled with it so far. I’m hoping they get their groove back. (Was just talking about it with Rochelle this morning. The feeling is mutual).

    • Thank you about both poem and celebration.
      We’re not really doing family celebrations so much–finally exchanged birthday/Christmas presents with daughter last week! But this seemed like a fun Valentine-birthday splurge.

      I liked the first two episodes. It was fun to be back in her world, but I can also see that the next episodes need to do some new things. I know there are supposed to be some new characters (also from The Gilmore Girls), so maybe that will shake things up a bit.

  3. I love your poem, Merril, but these lines also speak to my heart: “We wait to see if there will be war abroad and if our democracy will be toppled by right-wing authoritarians. But still, the moon shines, the days are getting longer, birds are beginning to sing, and spring is coming.”

  4. Love this line above all: “argent pull—magnetic attraction,” which works for the moon and for couples, perhaps grieving distance apart.

    I too am watching Ukraine with high interest. We have a beloved friend who runs a charity fund for children and families there. She’s had to press pause and retreat to a city west of Kiev, hoping for a strong pushback against Russian aggression.

    May February be the start of a good year for all the birthday people in your family, Merril! ;-D

    • Thank you, Marian. That’s exactly what I meant with that line, the double meaning.
      I remember you had been to Ukraine. I hope your friend is OK. I imagine Kyiv is a scary place to be right now. I hope they all stay safe.
      Thank you for the good wishes for my gang!

    • Thank you so much, Kerfe.
      My husband has a collection of math-related t-shirts and sweatshirts. I thought he needed a new sweatshirt. 😀
      Yes, they do. I heard bird song this morning before sunrise!!

  5. I’m very behind. Had children staying and they’ve just left.
    This reads like a Kerfe poem written by Merril. All the themes (the essential ones) are there, but I’d always recognise a Merril poem 🙂

  6. Just lovely Merril thank you! And the photos of course. The food – to die for. Yes, we’re watching what’s going on with the US and Russia. I just hope that humans don’t become part of the falling, falling …

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