As Cruel as April

As Cruel as April

Grey Winter growls, Spring dreams of green
when flowers grow, and love birds preen.
Soon rabbits wake, the vixen prowls
then runs and hides, afraid she’s seen
the fearful beast, who’d foul with howls
spring dreams of green–grey Winter growls.

Now what comes next, before green spring
when sparrows fly, and robins sing?
Do wolves bare fangs? Do bears get vexed
by hopes or dreams, by what spring brings,
and seek with blood, destroy, annex
before green spring? Now what comes next?

Before spring comes, the bullets fly.
The people grieve, the winds just sigh
as they drift by soldiers and drums.
Power? Money? Who knows why
the bloodlust soars. The moon just hums–
the bullets fly, before spring comes.

For dVerse, a made-up form called the Sparrowlet. You can read about it here. The name of the form made me think of spring, and I wrote the first stanza yesterday. Then when I heard the news today, I wrote the last stanza. So then, I wrote the middle stanza to connect them. We are living in a very scary time, and so much disinformation is being spread constantly.

72 thoughts on “As Cruel as April

  1. Your third stanza is sterling, just perfection. So bold to push on for threes stanzas; nice work. Forests & war are faves out here tonight.

  2. How lovely this is Merril – from the beautiful spring dream of green, to the sad last stanza of bullets and bloodlust. Such a dramatic change in tone and theme. You captured the perplexity and chaos of change in the second stanza. Well done with the form!

  3. Oh Merrill I could see the real meaning of your wonderful and important verse as I read your lines…magnificent and so important….I am just so lucky to know wonderful people like you at dverse…stunning poetry, really stunning..

  4. Great poem Merril! I repelled the urge to write anything influenced by that arrogant russian asshole. I like the way you resisted until the third verse… ✌🏼❤️

  5. Of all the responses to this prompt I’ve read today, your is the most successful, not just in nailing what can be a difficult and arbitrary meter, but also in the use of a poetic trope–the weather or nature poem–to make a shocking turn on current events. Someone needs to publish this one, it’s brilliant.

    • Wow, Xan! Thank you so much. Your comment truly made my day.
      It’s unlikely to be published, since most publications won’t take poems that have appeared on blogs, but thank you so much!

  6. I was just unable to write to this topic, but it encourages me that so many have, especially in such strong and well-crafted verse as this. Your last stanza is especially heart-wringing.

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