Once in Spring: March Wind Ekphrastic

Once in Spring

the ground blazed with wild, mustard flowers,
sharp, clean, an announcement of the season.
Wind-whipped feather-clouds swept across
the forget-me-not sky.
The breeze was spring’s laughter,
and she laughed back, her skirts swirling
like white gulls in the breeze.

She smiled at our son,
both haloed in the spring light
amidst the scent of wild mustard, the golden glow,
the reaching shadows went unnoticed.

A poem for my dVerse Ekphrastic prompt. This is one of the images I selected for the prompt. Feel free to join us!

81 thoughts on “Once in Spring: March Wind Ekphrastic

  1. Oh! Such a stellar closing on this one, Merril! Gorgeous, gorgeous work done. Thank you for the lovely prompt 💝💝

  2. How joyful this reads: The breeze was spring’s laughter, and the wild mustard flowers. The shadow didn’t bother me as the overall frame was a spring light.

  3. “Forget-me-not sky” a beautiful image reached my inner eye.
    “the reaching shadows went unnoticed” send a shiver up my spine.
    Best, I think, that we notice the sky and don’t think about the shadows; otherwise, life would be too sad.
    Beautifully done, Merril.

  4. A lovely & poignant illustrative poetic for your prompt. There is a lot happening between the lines. Many of us shine with kind of prompt; thanks.

  5. I almost chose this painting, Merril, but the emphasis on lightplay overshadowed the windy-ness for me. I’m loving your take. And thanks for the Meisterprompt!

  6. I love seeing image prompts through a woman’s eyes. Like yours Merril. So much easily overlooked, gets noticed, beautiful! Wonderful writing

  7. So well painted with words, Merril! I smiled at ‘the forget-me-not sky’ then felt a chill when reading the closing lines. Reminded me of Blake’s ‘The Echoing Green’

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