What do Flowers Know?

Monday Morning Afternoon Musings:

Conscience or conscious—
both require awareness—
to be alive is not enough,
do flowers know their own beauty?

Soon nested geese pairs
will egg-sit, they’ll
hiss at those who pass too close,
and honk and fight
to protect their young–

a simple idea—protection of children,
loved ones, the world. We may insist
we’re innocent, but still-tongued too often
as the bullies come
and why soars like an eagle, dropping feathers
of doubt, but not conviction–a
frozen thought awaiting sun-warmth
to emerge and bloom

a consciousness of each new dawn,
a rebirth—

blue hope swallowing grey despair,

as daffodils poke through the snow,
beautiful and toxic, anything to survive,
but there is more than one way,

sunflowers smile and follow the sun,
trampled, they drop their seeds to feed others,
then rise again, with a nod and a wink.

Sunset taken from upstairs window
Looks like spring on this block in Philadelphia

This has been a strange weather week, in an ever-stranger world. On Friday, it was beautiful, on Saturday, we had rain, then snow, then wind with more snow. This week will be spring-like and warm.

We saw a production of the play A Man for All Seasons by the Lantern Theater Company at the Plays and Players Theater in Philadelphia. It was great to see a live production, and I feel safer that they still require vaccination proof and masks. I don’t think it was a perfect production, but the acting was excellent. Though I don’t believe Thomas More is a saint or agree with all his beliefs or decisions, he certainly stood by his convictions. We also saw a French movie called Oxygen. It’s been in my Netflix queue for a while. We both liked it a lot. It’s about a woman who wakes up in a cryogenic chamber. She doesn’t know who she is or how she got there—and she’s running out of oxygen. It’s best not to know more. The movie and show made me think about conscience and consciousness.

As do the people who shout about their freedom being denied because they have to wear a mask or get a vaccine–which is protecting other people, as well as themselves–but who are perfectly willing to take away rights from others. See Texas, Florida, various other states with GOP majorities, Russia. . .war in Ukraine. . .

We’re also watching a Turkish series on Netflix called The Club. It’s set in Istanbul in the 1950s, and deals with family, love, trauma, and relations between Sephardic Jews and Muslims, and some of the political events going on at the time.
I’m nearly finished with a novel by Chris Bohjalian called Hour of the Witch. It’s about a 17th century Puritan woman who tries to divorce her abusive husband and then is accused of witchcraft. (FYI: there was divorce in Puritan New England, as marriage was a civil contract. There was also a belief in witches and devils.) I love historical novels, but I’m also very picky about them. This one is well-researched and well-written.

31 thoughts on “What do Flowers Know?

  1. Trust Mother Nature to lift us in these despairing times. Thank you for capturing those moments Merril. Your Spring is making a grand entrance, fickle as always as she transitions. First chill felt here in SA though the days are still sunny and bright.

  2. Mother Nature has been wilder on your side than mine! We were supposed to reach the 50’s by end of week bur that has once again changed… Up to 48. – maybe.
    There is no grass to be see, no flowers, no nothing spring-like yet. Sigh. Beautiful pics from you, though!

    Glad you were able to go out and see a play! How wonderful!

    • Thank you very much, Dale.
      It was good to get out.
      We were supposed to go out to see another play on Saturday, but we exchanged our tickets because of the weather. I’m glad we did because we got more snow and ice later in the afternoon.

  3. March, by nature, is capricious. By the way, I don’t think flowers are aware of their beauty; that’s why they are so enchanting.

    Thanks for posting your eclectic selection of film, theatre, and books. Also, I like the lemon curd filling for Hamantaschen, a festive food for Purim, I believe. (Facebook posting)

    • Thank you, Marian!
      I do have eclectic tastes (but no Hustler channel) 😏.
      Yes, Hamantaschen for Purim, which begins tonight. The lemon curd filling is not “traditional,” but it is delicious.

  4. Our muses were aligned once again yesterday, as we both wrote about the protection of children! This must be on the mind of parents the world over. I absolutely love the carpet of blossoms in the street in your photograph 🌸

  5. March in Florida is pretty crazy too. Yesterday was all blue sky and yellow sun in the 70s, today it is relentless rain in the 50s … but at least we’ll enjoy red lentil soup for dinner. In other Florida news: did you hear that DeSantis is now saying that Disney is “too cozy with communist China”? He’s pissed because Disney is withholding campaign contributions in an effort to discourage DeSantis from signing the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. What’s a fiction writer to do when stuff like that is in the news?

    • So funny–I’m thinking of making red lentil soup for our rainy day dinner tomorrow.
      What a horrible man DeSantis is. I don’t know how he can live with himself–unfortunately, that’s true of so many now.

  6. There’s always a lot to say about your musings.
    These days, there is not much amusing musings, but I believe, I have to, that blue will swallow grey, as you say; that laughter will bring tears, and tears not bring pain.

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