This Wondrous Truth

Monday Morning Musings:

“I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars”
Walt Whitman, Song of Myself, 31

“Out of such chaos, of such contradiction
We learn that we are neither devils nor divines”
–Maya Angelou, A Brave and Startling Truth

Venus, just before Sunrise

Not yet dawn, the robins sing
in twinkling tones that answer stars–
light becoming sound,
the call for love all around,

a song that runs through nature
carried in secret whispers of the wind
heard even in fog-obscured morning
a sun-bright melody pinned

to the coming of spring.

Forsythia in the Fog

Am I the river that murmurs,
the breeze the rustles leaves and grass,
the perfect blue of sky, and the white peony clouds
floating past–

My willow, Dock Creek, Old City Philadelphia, US Custom House in the background

I hear their sigh–
I am everything
the bloom of life, the garden’s laughter, the love the flies
on dragonfly wings, gossamer, then gone–

Reflections, Doubletree Hotel, Broad Street, Philadelphia

the flash of mirrored light
the echoed song

the transformation of grape to wine,
that ephemerality that lingers through
the shape of time
the triangles and circles,
the nebulae of cells
the marvel of blooms
that call birds and bees
in colors beyond what we can see—
the echo of an empty room,

the startling truth of us and stars
in mingled dust, brave as a leaf–
the contradiction of belief,
a tangle of shades and sounds–
a wondrous mess, this existence is ours.

We actually went out this past week! We sat outside at a winery on Wednesday.Purim started that night, and I made Hamantaschen, the triangular filled pastries. We went to a Judy Collins concert on Friday night. That day began with dense fog, then turned to bright sunshine, then got cloudy again. We saw a play on Saturday afternoon. It was a play we were supposed to see the previous Saturday—when it was snowing. What a change in a week! It was almost summery as we walked around Old City Philadelphia before the show. March is living up to its reputation.

Concert, play, wedding stalking, and murals and street art for Resa.

Meanwhile, the craziness of the world continues. The concert venue, the Scottish Rite auditorium in Collingswood said that vaccination/proof of negative Covid tests were required, but they didn’t check. The ushers were masked, as were we, but most people were not. On the Patco train, masks were required, but we were in the minority wearing ours. At the Philadelphia Arden Theater, however, we had to show our vaccination cards and ID, and remain masked.
The war in Ukraine goes on, and the GOP extremists are still peddling Russian disinformation. Sigh. But spring is beautiful.

Judy Collins was wonderful. She can still sing and write, and she’s gracious and funny. The play Tracking Back, was funny and heartwarming—just what we needed.

50 thoughts on “This Wondrous Truth

  1. Wonderful to hear that about Judy Collins! So much to love here. And these photos! And the Whitman quote. I think he’s one of the most important American poets ever, really. He doesn’t really get his due any more. He was worlds ahead of everyone else.

  2. Forsythia and daffodils always announced spring in Pennsylvania. And I associated the spicy scent of hyacinths with rebirth, renewal, and (taken another way), a “wondrous mess.” I’m glad you could venture out. 😀

  3. A delight as always Merril thank you! Your photos are always uplifting for me. Spring can be capricious but her signs are wondrous indeed and a reminder of the joys amongst the tragedies of life.

  4. I really like the fog photos. There’s been a lot here as well.
    I’m glad you managed to get out. Most are maskless here too. I hope they are right about the danger, but I fear they are not. (K)

  5. I love this: “a wondrous mess, this existence is ours.” It is ours, warts and all as they say. Earlier today I wrote to a friend that sometimes I’m suddenly overcome with love for my life, like despite (or because of) all the bad, horrific, and embarrassing (think Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham) news, every so often, I’m filled with a love for the life I have.

    Maybe it’s because there is so much suffering in the world and all I can do to try and stem the suffering is by buying knitting patterns from Ukraine or donating to Doctors Without Borders or other charitable groups. At the least, I should (and do) feel gratitude for my home, my life. I sense that in your musings here. Now I just need Judge Jackson to be confirmed as Associate Justice to SCOTUS. I really don’t care if VP Harris has to step in with her vote. It would be nice to get some Republicans on board (hello, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski!), but, if they want to fall into lockstep with McDonnell, so be it.

  6. What a wonderful week, Merril! Sorry I am so late in getting to all your beautiful writings. Spring is very much in your air! I enjoyed joining you as you took your beautiful images and shared your happenings.

  7. Yes, Merril, spring is beautiful.
    Thank you for the murals. It is wonderful to be thought of in a special and good light.
    Judy Collins is a gem.
    I wish so many people were not acting like Covid is over. Wherein does common sense lie?

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