Written on the Sand

John Reinhard Weguelin, The Yellow Sands

Written on the Sand

She wrote a letter
on paper made of sand,
erased by surf and weather
origami-folded by tides, her hand

the instrument,
the embodiment of collaged hope,
she was a vision, dream,
perhaps, a trope–

still, you glimpsed her sea-blown hair
saw peace beach-written there.

A quadrille for dVerse (44-word poem). The prompt word is paper.

67 thoughts on “Written on the Sand

  1. Wonderful piece, rife with classic vibes. Peace can be fleeting, especially when written in sanskrit/sands-skirt.

  2. Absolutely brilliant. Truly, I am her and she is me. If only I was brave enough to sit nude on that sand and write my trilogies of song and surf (and be invisible to all but a few).

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