Day 11, Ekphrastic Challenge, My poem, The Variegated Universe

Inspired by all three works AWD11 Colorful Infinity, GK1, Dundee Graffiti, and JPL11

The Variegated Universe

A monochrome world, every day lived
in sepia tones, like a long-ago photo, with occasional red–
well, there was always blood, wasn’t there?

It had been a gradual change—
decrees and books—
told what to see—it was easier that way.

But amidst the root-rustle, verdant patches spread,
birds knew that color wasn’t gone—
and sang and chirped and chirred and whooped

till some remembered and children first saw
the infinite colors in large and small—pebbles and stones,
the circles and cycle of trees and bees,
the thatched cottages that led to the sea
with its wine-dark poetry and iridescent fish,
the rainbowed spindrift, the stars and moon that space-shifted
within an ocean of blues,
the green of pasture, the flowers—the world was multi-hued.

Now they saw it and sang with the sun, while the stars laughed
and the birds laughed, too.

I am once again participating in Paul Brookes’ April Ekphrastic Challenge. Each day, I will post my poem(s) here. You can see the art and read the other responses by going to Paul’s site here.

The artists are Gaynor Kane, John Phandal Law, and Anjum Wasim Dar. Thank you for your wonderful  and inspiring art!

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