Day 13, Ekphrastic Challenge, My Poem, “(Un)Tethered

Inspired by AWD13, “Earth,” and JPL13


He is weightless, untethered
to the Earth he sees rising in blue
before him
white cloud swirl-figures dance across


where moonglade silvered the grey-green sea,
but brighter were the beacon lights
that once glowed high and low
as birds on beach and in the sky
warned off intruders
with star-echoed songs–

in space, he thinks he hears them now,
star-birds, like him, so far from home.

I am once again participating in Paul Brookes’ April Ekphrastic Challenge. Each day, I will post my poem(s) here. You can see the art and read the other responses by going to Paul’s site here.

The artists are Gaynor Kane, John Phandal Law, and Anjum Wasim Dar. Thank you for your wonderful  and inspiring art!

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