Day 20, Ekphrastic Challenge, My poem, Infinite, Indefinite

Inspired by all three images for today.

Infinite, Indefinite

What was here—or anywhere—
before light

streaming from no-time, from no-color,
from emptiness

flowing in waves,
as the tide of the universe
rises and falls

to burnish rooftops
and create shadows on the beach

where you stand
on glowing sand

against grey-green waves, blue sky,
and umbrellas rising like flowers
in a variety of hues–

at night, the rain will stream
the city lights into puddles

reflected to the sky
bouncing back to the boundless

and endless possibility.

I am once again participating in Paul Brookes’ April Ekphrastic Challenge. Each day, I will post my poem(s) here. You can see the art and read the other responses by going to Paul’s site here.

The artists are Gaynor Kane, John Phandal Law, and Anjum Wasim Dar. Thank you for your wonderful  and inspiring art!

30 thoughts on “Day 20, Ekphrastic Challenge, My poem, Infinite, Indefinite

  1. It’s all down to light and the oceans, isn’t it? You begin with wondering what was here before the tide rolled in, where it all began. I began with wondering if what the tide brought in is all we can expect, where it will end,

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