The Recollection of Dreams

Odilon Redon, Orpheus

The Recollection of Dreams

In the picture,
when the music dream-splashes color
and light,
like sea waves against rocks—
we hear storms and whispers
in the red and blue,
feel heartache and love–

and if you must see the sorrow,
also recall the luscious scent of rose gardens
the taste of honey on your lips, a kiss.

My poem from the Oracle. The tile said fiddle, but the image of this Redon painting was in my head, not Chagall.

31 thoughts on “The Recollection of Dreams

  1. I read your poem before I looked at the picture. Your poem sent recognition waves into me – yes, that’s what dreaming is like. And when I wake up from a bad one (sad, disturbing) it takes a while to shake it off. The only thing that does is smelling the flowers spread in vases in my house, feeling a hug, giving a kiss. Your poem is right on, and it turns out, perfect match with the Redon painting.

  2. Love this Merril!
    You sure know your artists.
    Here I go again… the people of Ukraine.
    They are seeing and knowing the sorrow.
    I believe part of their strength comes from remembering the roses and kisses.
    Thank you Oracle and Merril!

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