Awakened Again

Edward Burne-Jones, Sponsa de Libano (The Bride of Lebanon)

Awakened Again

Listen, see if my tongue speaks the language
you want to hear–
there’s a storm coming, you can feel it in the air–

the blossoms murmur
watch for the blue of after,
this is the secret told
in vine rustles, gentle then wild.

They love each breath,
each river bend—these birds,
these ghosts, carry song from gardens
on dawn winds, the buzz of awakened bees,
falling words
falling worlds

My message from the Oracle. There’s a lot going on in the world. Good luck to all who are marching and fighting for freedom here, in Ukraine, and throughout the world. I’ve had a busy week and a busy weekend, but I’ve just finished some work, so I will still try to catch up with reading posts over the weekend.

23 thoughts on “Awakened Again

  1. “listen”–clearly that’s what the Oracle is counseling for these times. We have many of the same images/words. That last stanza is glorious. And the art–perfect. (K)

  2. Our messages are really quite close. We both have blue, both echoes of war, we listen and try to hear the words, and the Oracle told me the storm might not come after all. Those ghosts of lovers must be the Dagda and Bóinn 🙂

  3. Yes… worlds are falling. I wish it was over, and all that is to fall had been felled.
    Then the rebirth cycle can begin.
    Seems though, that we are where we were, and where we will be as the cycle of seasons continues.
    The Oracle has come up with an provocative poem. Between the 2 of you, I am evoked.
    Thank you, Merril!

  4. Very powerful Oracle reading, Merril. The unease and discomfort is palpable. Morale is very low. It’s difficult not to give up hope. May the rebirth begin. 🙏🏼

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