Buds and blooms, Colonial Garden on a foggy morning


In a dream, you were asked to follow,
to behold the soft things in the air
and beneath the earth, the seeds, rootsβ€”
the ifs of gardens, forests, meadows,
the cycles of darkness and light calling
the ancient songs of stars
echoed by birds, whispered by bees.
You listen, hold the secret close,
this deep-time ache carried in blood and bones,
every speck connected, and you smile.

My poem from the Oracle with special ifs for Derrick. She knew it was foggy this morning, and it seemed the world was full of dreams and secret things. I took this photo today at the park. This is the garden at the entrance to the eighteenth-century Whithall House. It would have been the back of the house then, as the front faced the river.

45 thoughts on “Connected

  1. This is lovely! I know I made my message very personal to my day, but in fact, the words and images, meadow, garden, and that blood and bone connection that goes back through time, could be that same smiling child.

  2. Wonderful, Merril!
    You do bring dreams into your verse time and again.
    I always relate. In this one, I followed. The journey was different. The end, the same.

  3. Your post is like a blessing for us from God…. Loved it 😊😊😊
    Please also check my page hope you all will love itβ€β€πŸ’™

  4. Connection is such an important concept. In our global society connections get dropped or lost along the way to things of lesser importance. Connection takes conscious effort from both parties.

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