A Different Oracle?

The storm
is an angry moon band,
the drumming rattles walls
and windows crack in a hurry

to reach the giant bend
of time, the middle
where weights and scales

the glorious and bitter–
it’s a dance we learn
to fall, to rise again, to dream.

This is an experiment. Jane and I (and whoever else) are going to see how similar our poems turn out, using the words she generated and posted here. Also, we may get thunderstorms later.😏

42 thoughts on “A Different Oracle?

  1. Yours is so a propos for the storms had yesterday in various regions (which somehow bypassed us, leaving not even a single drop of rain). The skies are getting darker, however. Superb, Merril!

  2. i wonder how can someone became so much consistent about his work….. loved your posts😊😊😊 thanks to entertain us
    Please also check my page hope you all will love it❤❤💙

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