#bookreview: River Ghosts

Elizabeth Gauffreau has written such a thoughtful review of my poetry book, River Ghosts–and she even made a video! 💙

Elizabeth Gauffreau

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My Review

Merril D. Smith’s debut collection is poetry of the felt but unseen, those moments in life when we feel in touch with something greater than ourselves to which only poetry can give voice. Even then, we can never fully understand it. We just know it’s there, a form of faith we never knew we needed.

The title poem, “River Ghosts,” introduces the idea that our sensory experience of the natural world–”dusty grass,” “a gull’s laugh,” “cloud-light shimmering,” “spring-scented rain”–can evoke memories and dreams we thought we’d forgotten. However, it becomes apparent after reading the entire collection that we can only hear a “whisper in that dusty grass” if we are attuned to the wavelength on which it travels.

Smith does not limit her experience of the natural world to earth and water. A number of the poems look skyward to…

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