Whispers and Wishes (Part 3)

Edvard Munch, Forest in Snow

Whispers and Wishes (Part 3)

And so, we rested, away from the snow,
inside that hut by the fire’s glow,
but stories cannot be chewed with teeth
though they help assuage our terror and grief.

Where is Momma, I whimper, and wipe my eyes,
She’s looking for us, but my sister cries
though she hides her face, I see a tear
and realize she must also fear—

What do we do? Where do we go?
Back to the cold, leave our tracks in the snow?
It’s dark, Little One, let us sleep,
there’s a blizzard out there, the snow’s too deep,

for us to go or soldiers to come.
We’ll melt some ice and savor the crumbs–
wish and pretend we have a feast!
We’ll hear no shots from west or east.

And so, we wished, and then we dozed,
fire banked, door bolted, the windows closed–
but when we woke, there was more fresh bread,
a pitcher of milk, and another rose of red. . .

a golden feather glimmered on the floor.

I was looking at old posts this afternoon, and I discovered I had shared parts 1 and 2 of this poem with dVerse, so I decided to write a part 3 for Open Link Night. Scared children are on my mind, and I suppose I wish for them a happily ever after.

48 thoughts on “Whispers and Wishes (Part 3)

  1. I like this, it certainly puts the focus on children’s fear. Pedophiles and murderers of children are the scum of the earth. Children dying horribly in TX and Ukraine. I’ve run out of tears.

  2. Such a haunting, fairytale feel to your words, Merril! Heartbreaking news from Texas. I can’t imagine sending my kids to school and having to worry they might be shot.

    • Thank you, Ingrid.
      It just seems to be getting worse here–so much gun violence. This isn’t the first and probably won’t be the last one with schools or children. I remember after one other one–I can’t even remember which–I was afraid for my daughter who was a teacher.

  3. so much tension here Merril and clearly seen through the eyes of the children
    “for us to go or soldiers to come.
    We’ll melt some ice and savor the crumbs–”

    this reminded me of the Jewish partisans hiding for their lives in the forest of Eastern Europe

  4. Much to ponder here…I like the children awakening to fresh bread and milk, a sign that all is well for the moment at least. (A feather and rose of hope…)

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