A Summer Day, on Repeat (with audio)

A Summer Day, on Repeat

When we were young, yet women,
we danced—almost cool—
the universe smiled and breathed
with champagne breath, effervescent,
a symphony of light-sound.

We go about our days
oblivious to the coming storm.
though the wind moans, and
the sky becomes a blackened chimney—
then a chandelier.

Fish leaps, a sparkle and a splash,
green frog with banjo-string-pluck, jumps–
the mayfly darts away.
The pond tastes of anything
can happen, if only, make a wish.

Tech plays with sinister access,
the world wants you to be hard—
perhaps everything must crash.
You open the program,
hit re-set, complete.

Dream diamonds float amidst the rocks—
tiny ships without a compass or chart,
in the after and before,
as time spins, always
she lives in you.

The Oracle gave me an almost Cadralor. Then we went out for a walk in a nature preserve, and when we got back home, I decided to try to make it a true Cadralor. I think. I’m sharing this with dVerse Open Link Night.

58 thoughts on “A Summer Day, on Repeat (with audio)

  1. I’m glad you wrote a cadralor—my first poem was a cadralor and I didn’t post it. Went back for a second try. Obviously because you were intended to write the cadralor 🙂
    We had a lot of the same images, storm, sea, and the idea of being true to oneself. Kerfe’s too. A good garland of poems this week 🙂

  2. This is absolutely stunning, Merril! 😀 I especially love; “The pond tastes of anything
    can happen, if only, make a wish.” ❤️❤️ Such a pleasure to hear you read on OLN!

  3. I know nothing of these magnets, but your results are wonderful. Lots of open doors begging for back story.

  4. I adore this, Merril. It was lovely to hear you read it. And it lends so much more depth and narrative to the image. The whole thing is wonderful but the first three stanzas especially, for me, are simply stunning. Sorry I missed your prompt! I had no time. Next time though. ❤ 🙂

  5. Read it twice, then listened.
    This is like a tasting platter. gt to dip my thoughts into 5 delicious dishes.
    Thank you, Merril.
    Oh, I adore hearing you recite!

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