Vanishing Point

Peder Severin Krøyer, Summer Evening at Skagen. The Artist’s Wife and Dog by the Shore

Vanishing Point

In summer’s late twilight,
violet waves tumble with mystery,
the clouds are shapeshifters,
now ships, now galloping horses
dipping their heads to graze.

This is the place where wishes dangle
and we are hooked–
lungs for gills, legs for voice–
no way to go back,
promises polished like sea glass
shatter on the rocks.

Five years. We still gaze at the horizon,
still listen for his voice, don’t we, Boy?
A tail wag of hope before we turn, leaving
our footprints. Blink, and they’re gone, too.

A poem for my summer ekphrastic prompt on dVerse. I’ve posted several works of art to choose from. Join us!

62 thoughts on “Vanishing Point

  1. How lovely to see those clouds as shapeshifters, in the place filled with mystery and we can certainly make our wishes. Love the hint of wistfulness at the end. Thanks for hosting.

  2. Ah such longing. I am eaisly absorbed into this poem.
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine Merril

  3. A beautiful poem, Merril. I love the reference to the pup. (I posted a link to mine on Mr. Linky but I couldn’t leave a comment. I always have trouble posting comments on dVerse.)

    • Thank you very much, Charlotte! 💙
      There’s no need to comment on the dVerse page–though I wonder why the WP gremlins interfere there? As long as you leave a link in Mr. Linky everyone can find your poem.

  4. Thanks for this prompt. And pleased to see you inviting Bix to the party 🙂
    Not surprisingly, our poems are twins. I love the image that others have already commented on. You capture the beauty of the evening and the longing so well.

  5. For me, the much lauded “sea glass” were brightly colored shards of broken floats, and divers bottles. You and Bjorn wrote book ends it seems; very enjoyable.

  6. “This is the place where wishes dangle” such a beautiful line! The wistfulness evoked in this beautiful write is suc bittersweetness. It does the image justice.

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