Odilon Redon, Orpheus


Are phasers set to stun or kill?
The world paused or extinguished.
Servers have crashed,
your light is off–
Can you count on the stars?

Listen for them
in the frantic fluff of fiddle-sky,
as a voice sings in the forest,
you want what she wants,
the symphony of the universe.

What if black ship-winds pound
through time, through sleep, through meβ€”
then part?
What if the humming moon sails out over the sea?
This is the interface,

the path of the sublime
where the sky breathes blue soul-breaths
and the earth murmurs with soft leaf rustle
while rivers sigh as dawn blushes–
the secret of harmony not gone.

My poem from the Oracle. I thought she was going to give me another cadralor because the images were all over the place, but when I came back to this after my walk, it all came together.

I am behind of reading posts and comments–just several busy days and a test assignment due. I will catch up. 😊

31 thoughts on “Interface

  1. This is exactly what Kerfe said. The oracle gives us the same images, the same emotions and we set them out in our own way. The turmoil of the world is in this poem, but also the peace at its heart.
    I almost used this painting for the colours, but decided against Redon (now I know why).

    • Oh, you’re right! And thank you!
      The Oracle definitely was sending us similar messages today.
      I think our robins are taking a little break. There’s tufted titmouse singing loudly now.

  2. Such lovely imagery, Merril. Your poem came together beautifully.
    I smiled at these lines
    “Servers have crashed,
    your light is off–
    Can you count on the stars?” I read somewhere that, for a while, the military, in particular the Navy, I think, was no longer teaching about astronomical navigation because they had the technology for that. Then the technology failed, accidents happened, and now astronomical navigation is once again being taught.

  3. If this was Star Trek the phasers would be set to stun.
    Then they would make everything right with the universe again.
    You set you phaser to verse, and make everything okay here, again.
    Thank you for your amazing writing, Merril!

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