Bangs and Whispers

Monday Morning Musings:

Early Morning, Delaware River

Bangs and Whispers

The attempt was not furtive,
not noiseless, it was abusive, shameless
a deafening crash—
we’re crashing. . .crashed

over the precipice,
past nervous titters,
and anxious alarms
into the volcano,

we wait for a line,
a beaming up and out.
There—a bird
an owl, her cry resonates—look–

each cloud indents the sky,
like a paragraph on a page,
now watch the blue
more words float into view:

less mothering from a tiny red rose
there is life and death and magic in the woods

Morning Rain

for if in rain, pale petals fall
and time cries with tapping beats
against the glass, stop, listen,
hear the drumming, hear the violin sighs

of life aches–
the raw is still there
but pink-petaled spring
whispers under a sweetened lemon sun,

failure, collapse, frightening–
and boundless—once upon a time,
the stars sang a secret. . .
I wish.

June, Red Bank Battlefield

This is a poem created from the Random Words I generated yesterday and some of the Oracle’s words from Saturday. I’m getting this up early so I can do some work before the next round of January 6 Committee Hearings begin this morning at 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

We listened to the first televised hearing on Thursday night on the radio as we were driving home from a beautiful night with dear friends at William Heritage Winery, and then watched it on TV after we got home. It was horrifying and stunning to watch. It’s beyond doubt that the former president instigated an attempted insurrection. Unfortunately, it’s gone beyond him now and growing.

Merri’s Movie, TV, Theater Club:
We finished the new season of the Danish political drama, Borgen, which was a lesson on how power corrupts. This season returned after nine years. It is an excellent series, which I highly recommend. We stated watching the new season of Stranger Things. It’s a lot of fun so far. Both shows are on Netflix. I didn’t watch either trailer because I don’t want to know anything in advance.

I get emails from Focus Features, and so I was able to see a free virtual screening of the new Downton Abbey movie, Downton Abbey: A New Era. It was a bit predictable, but it was Downton Abbey—well-acted, beautiful filmed—and if you like the show, you’ll enjoy the movie. I did.

On Saturday afternoon, we saw Into the Woods at the Arden Theatre in Philadelphia. We walked around in a light rain first. It was a very enjoyable production, the audience around three sides of a bare bones stage with an excellent orchestra raised behind them. It was a show of imagination and storytelling—no special costumes, just a few props like crowns, red cape, golden shoes, Rapunzel’s braid, etc. Several cast members played multiple roles, including playing Snowy White the Cow, the hen that laid golden eggs, and the Giants’ harp. The Baker’s vocals were the standout for me, but all the actors sang beautifully. We both enjoyed this production very much.

Washington Square Park, A rainy afternoon in June
Roof Garden

24 thoughts on “Bangs and Whispers

  1. The hearings are so frightening. Yet I think they will change no one’s mind in the end. As a country we have lost the ability to reason.
    I totally missed the word list yesterday. I find that many posts are just not showing up in my reader, which is where I look at them. I’ll see if they inspire for something this week–last week they definitely helped. (K)

    • As I just said to Dale, it’s still important to have the facts on record, whatever happens.
      I never go through the reader, so I don’t know what’s happening there. WP always seems to have gremlins.

  2. Always a pleasure to read and wonderful that you created this wonderful poem with both the word list and the Oracle. Another fun week was had, I can see. Lovely photos, too.
    I cannot help wonder if anything will come out of these hearings… other than confirmation of what everyone knew. What will the repercussions be, if any?

  3. Today’s Monday Morning Musings brought home to me just what I surreal, bifurcated existence I seem to be living. The little plot of land outside my window is all lush green trees, soft breezes, and birdsong, which make me very happy. The world seen through the television and social media is all lies, violence, and contagion, which fills me with despair.

  4. Just love this image: “each cloud indents the sky,
    like a paragraph on a page,”
    We watched the hearings, too. The footage of the riot made me sick. I knew it was bad, horrifyingly bad, but somehow I was unprepared for the video clips. What so disgusts me is how many people knew what was going on but did absolutely nothing either because they were afraid of tRump or they were afraid for their political careers, the hell with democracy. While the hearings won’t change the minds of people with closed minds, at least they are documenting what happened and why.

    • Thank you so much, Marie.
      I was pleased that the random words led to that image.
      I had the same reaction to the videos. I seldom watch the news–I listen to NPR and read news articles–so I was also unprepared to see such carnage. I agree with you about documenting what happened. I think that is also the idea sometimes when bills come up for a vote. Even though Democrats know it will fail, the votes are on record.

  5. Beautiful words and images, as always. 🙂 We’ve been watching the hearings, too. It’s horrifying (which is what I thought as I watched it happen live — not sure why I happened to have the tv on that day). I keep hoping that the hearings will change some minds. I’m not sure it will.

  6. Good musings, Merril!
    So much to think about these days.
    It’s great that you have so many gorgeous picks to put in the post. They soften certain messages.
    Hmph, If I was doing this, it would be Monday Morning Mashings, and no pretty pics.
    Best I stay away from non art opinions, but I am trying to do a creative post on Women’s Rights to their bodies.
    It’s not easy, even though the feeling is strong.

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