Aubade, Serenade

Monday Morning Musings:

Aubade, Serenade

Just past sunrise.


A brush with green,
Earth-spirits, forest soul beckons
absorb the magic, it vanishes quickly
as orange sherbet sky melts
into the blue expanse

Early Morning Magic–she appeared and then disappeared

Lies bait the hook
they swallow eagerly
as they swim to shore,
emerging with myopic eyes
fins turned to fists, grasping at shadows.

Statement of the day,
or afterthought?
Dust off your father’s memory,
what if you saw your parents as children?
Love rekindled. Turn the page, again.

Dreams of motors and motion–
helicopters, airplanes, buses, trains.
Something insidious you fear, but wait
there’s a twist–a cat purrs in your ear,
a snore from the pillow beside you.

Light transported, prismed colors soar
and sing, celestial harmonies,
secrets we’re born knowing, but forget
even stars die,
I breathe their sparkle, hear their song.

As the crow flies

I generated another set of words, different from Jane’s set yesterday, and used them to write a cadralor.

After heat, storms, and humidity, this weekend we got some cool, dry, sunny weather. The January 6 Committee Hearings continue, and their revelations are even more awful than I thought they would be. However, nature has brought magic in the form of deer, eagles, and some beautiful days. We went to Auburn Road Winery for a pre-Father’s Day celebration. I baked my husband his favorite cookies for Father’s Day and gave him a pillow to replace one I ruined.

Merril’s Movie, Theater, TV Club:
We watched Petite Maman, a new movie by French director Céline Sciamma. (Her highly acclaimed Portrait of a Lady on Fire has been in my queue for ages, so I will need to watch it soon.) There’s not much of a story, but it’s a sweet, tender film—just what I needed to see. The title is a clue. I really liked it.

We saw another strange version of The Cherry Orchard, this one called The Orchard. We saw the virtual version. I really loved Mikhail Baryshnikov as Chekhov and Firs. Madame Ranevskaya was also excellent. I liked the virtual opening and closing, and the acting was good, but if I didn’t know the story, I probably would have been lost. Was the robotic arm/camera symbolic? Were there allusions to the current invasion of Ukraine? Perhaps. Here’s one review.

We finished the current episodes of Stranger Things (two more episodes drop on July 1). We both have enjoyed this new season. We started the latest Star Trek, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. It’s a prequel to the original Star Trek, and it follows Capt. Pike and his crew, including intern Uhura.

52 thoughts on “Aubade, Serenade

  1. I love your cadralor and accompanying photos. Beautiful recap of your week.
    And just how did you ruin Doug’s original pillow anyway? 😉

  2. I love that first photograph, nature’s color palette at his best. You were a beautiful, happy bride! The photo of the deer reminds me of the work of an early 20th-century New England painter, whose name I’ve been trying to remember for weeks!

  3. Love this: “secrets we’re born knowing, but forget
    even stars die,
    I breathe their sparkle, hear their song.”

    I’ve been pondering what we know, what is already there but we’ve forgotten so seeing this in your words was… interesting. Synchronous? Something like that. 🙂 Your walks always look so magical. And for this one time in our history, I’ve seen a film before you did. We watched Portrait of a Lady on Fire sometime last year.

    • Synchronicity seems to flow through WP somehow. 🙂
      I do like walking early in the morning. It’s very quiet.
      It’s funny we actually saw previews for Portrait of a Lady on Fire in a theater pre-Covid. (Not that my husband would remember. 😏) I’m not sure why we haven’t seen it yet.

  4. You have such beautiful scenery for your morning walks! And it does somewhat take the edge off the horrors of the “real” world.
    Looks like a good weekend celebration too. (K)

  5. Sorry, I missed Monday altogether. It was a bit of a blur anyway.
    Your words suited your mood and your day. That’s how it’s supposed to work 🙂 I’m always astonished how much you do in a week!

  6. Adore these sample platters of poetry!
    Is that you on your wedding day?
    So, you ruined hubby’s pillow making cookies for him! 🙄😉
    Great shots here, Merril. The first one is spectacular!

    • Thank you so much, Resa.
      Yes, that’s me with my dad on my wedding day. My older child wore the gown when they got married.
      I ruined his pillow because I washed it! 🤣

      • Ahh, what a beautiful shot! How neat that the gown was worn at your older daughter’s wedding. Romantic +
        Gee, lol, perhaps laundry is not your forte?

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