Now Here We Are

Edvard Munch, Anxiety

Now Here We Are

“A world without the option of abating an ill-conceived life before it has begun is a world that dooms millions to Victor Frankenstein’s fate. What a pause-giving thought: that a girl not yet nineteen, who lived two centuries ago, has a finer moral compass than the Supreme Court of the world’s largest twenty-first-century democracy.”
Maria Popova, The Maginalian

Now here we are
in the disturbed direction of the present
where untruthful tongues sway
and inculcate to overtake

in slippery steps of hateful rhetoric
organized to remake, remove,
and subjugate.

We are amuck in muck–
and we have not reached the end.
Grandmothers who fought fascists,
with silver-haired grief vow to fight again

because–not to be overly dramatic—
but many will die. Their greed’s insatiable,
their pockets are deep,
even if their logic is faulty and incomplete.

(Please may I have a pardon?)

And will our democratic paper
prove strong enough
to cover and crumble their despotic rocks?

Jane’s generated Random Words (another Oracle) once again forced me to write about current events. The January 6 Committee hearings will resume sometime in July. Meanwhile, the reactionary majority of our Supreme Court is sending us backwards in time. If only we had the votes to impeach this unqualified, lying, possibly criminal group who have made the Court a joke.

27 thoughts on “Now Here We Are

  1. I got much the same though it worked through the word ‘destruction’ next to ‘crib’.
    Can’t the president just appoint a whole load more judges? It seems totally wacky to me that you have a ‘supreme’ court of unelected, unqualified friends of a discredited president. Who are these people? What’s ‘supreme’ about them?

    • They are not supreme, and this court is only supreme in name. Mitch McConnell forced in the probable rapist and a zealot after not allowing Obama to fill a seat. Awful, awful people! The Constitution doesn’t name a number for the Court, so technically it can be expanded, but that would have to be approved by Congress, and that’s not likely to happen. Similarly, justices can be impeached, but that also probably won’t happen. We need to keep and expand the Democratic majority and end the filibuster.
      Our government is built on a system of checks and balances, but the founders presumed those participating would be honorable and put duty and loyalty before self-interest.

      • Yes, that notion of relying on honour and duty probably needs an overhaul. Same everywhere. We’re probably due for one very soon. There have been five ‘Républiques’ since de Gaulle and there’s a call for number six.

  2. I must say, the whole situation reminds me of when Moira turns to Offred in The Handmaid’s Tale and says ‘it’s you and me up against the wall, baby.’ Such a curtailment of women’s rights in a supposed democracy should give us all cause for concern.

    • Thank you, Ingrid. I don’t remember that particular part of the book, since I read it when it first came out. It gave me nightmares then–and now things are so much worse!
      I fear those curtailments are merely the start.

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