Apples: Random Word Poetry


Consider the elegance of apples on plate,
observe the curve and glow,
an evanescent moment, await
honey-sweet and tart on tongue, the flow
of pleasure

we choose and accept
a willing temptation, rewind and see,
apples in the broad sweep of history,
splendid or lamentable
events that may be

ordinary, secretive, or blessed—
ponder the rest.

This poem is inspired from the random words Jane generated today. The poem I came up with made me think of this song from the musical Ordinary Things.

27 thoughts on “Apples: Random Word Poetry

  1. I’m glad you picked out the apples too. This is much more measure than my poem, which is more of a rant, but the sentiment is the same. We see simple, wholesome apples, or we see something more siniste.r

  2. I love this (and that you chose the apples over the rant – though I can understand the need for both!)
    Ooh.. I love Derrick’s observation!

  3. I really enjoyed listening to that song and I love the last line…’the color of an ordinary day’. There is incredible beauty in ‘ordinary’ things that are really not ordinary at all. And so, our days are gifted with so much that is extraordinary. Wonderful poem! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Linda! It’s the last song in the show.
      You’re right. I think sometimes we don’t take the time to really observe “ordinary” things to see how beautiful they are. Thank you for reading and listening. My daughter was in Ordinary Things when she was in college.

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