Hold These Truths

Monday Morning Musings:

Hold These Truths

Early Morning Light on the Delaware River

“Legacy, what is a legacy?
It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see”
From Lin-Manuel Miranda, “The World Was Wide Enough,” Hamilton

Hold these truths,
make a declaration
to secure light and rights—
for all

recall the whispers of freedom,
the shots—and the deaths–
repression, hope, freedom
cycle over and again—we’re here
on the precipice, the earth beneath crumbling. . .

Crow in Morning Light

listen to the crows,
ancient wisdom carried from shadowed time
to glowing dawns of robin song

Early Morning Light, Shadow, River, and Birds

Now as berries ripen under a blue sky,
hold fast the simple joys, sunshine and love,
cake and cats,

drink some wine–
the storms will come—rain, snow, wind–
but so will spring, each one full of if,
a flower of possibility waiting to bloom.

Today is the Fourth of July, Independence Day, the day the Declaration of Independence was published. (It was actually signed on 2 July.) In this document, the thirteen colonies declared independence from Great Britain. Through the Revolution and post war period, America was a confederation of states. Our United States came with the Constitution, written in 1787. This is the document that set up our branches of government and lays out our rights and freedoms—some in the original document and Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments), and its subsequent amendments. A minority of reactionaries are trying to destroy our democracy, aided by a rogue and reactionary Supreme Court. The Fourth of July feels very different this year—like drinking a toast on the Titanic after it’s hit the iceberg. We need to rescue ourselves—every vote in November matters.

In need of escapism this week, we finished The Umbrella Academy and Stranger Things ( a title that sounds like a warning of what’s to come.). We also picked blueberries.

46 thoughts on “Hold These Truths

  1. Beautiful work, M; both the writing (inspirational) and the photos. Salute, and Thanks for sharing. July 4 is big in my life, too, since it’s when My Beloved Sandra and I got started… Have a GREAT day!

    • Thank you so much, Ron. for stopping by and leaving such kind words. Wishing you and your beloved Sandra a lovely day! My daughter and her husband celebrate their wedding anniversary today.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment:”The Fourth of July feels very different this year—like drinking a toast on the Titanic after it’s hit the iceberg.” My husband and I spent the day yesterday on a scenic drive, just enjoying high summer on the back roads.

  3. It does feel different. The city is very quiet, not celebratory at all. My neighbor who decorates wildly for every holiday still has her Pride flags up–she didn’t change them to red white and blue. The only other flags I saw when out walking this morning were Ukrainian…

    But voting is so important. And in primaries and in local elections. I know so many young people that don’t vote at all because the candidates aren’t “pure” enough. I think there was 23% turnout for the recent primary here.

    I know I’ve said it before, but you have such a beautiful place to walk. And your photos are always wonderful. (K)

  4. When you think about it, so many of the ideas that we use as framework (or props) for our laws and beliefs are just old, outdated and often (like most sacred texts) barbaric. They all need an overhaul, pruning and weeding. The big fear is that public opinion is no more humane now than it was 4000 years ago.

  5. Beautifully done, Merril. And as always, your photos, sublime!
    Yes, your country needs to rescue itself! And hopefully, people will go out and vote!
    We are on episode 2 of Umbrella Academy. I still haven’t touched Stranger Things – on my too-long list!

    • Thank you very much, Dale.
      Every day seems to bring new awful things.

      Both shows are fun. I like how they handled Elliot Page on Umbrella Academy in this recent season.

      • My pleasure.
        And it does, unfortunately.

        We have not yet see how they handled it and are looking forward to it 🙂

  6. What a delightful feast for the eyes, so many points of beauty and wonder to just sit with. I feel pain in your words “the earth beneath crumbling” It must feel strange right now, I have no concept of how you are feeling about it all or what it means more personally, but I do have a sense of grief as I watch what appears to be a crumbling nation right before our eyes. It seems that justice is absent.

  7. Merril, I’ve got shivers of fright thinking of what is happening in the USA.
    I truly hope Dems turn out in hoards in November.
    Yet, if they win by a landslide… will new laws in some states take the wins away?
    There is an ill wind that brings an odd odour.

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