Unanswered Questions

Marc Chagall, “The Fiddler,” 1912

Unanswered Questions

If hearts can feel joy,
why do theirs not wish it for all?
Tiny objects full of fear, they trust fake wizards,
sing of better times in out-of-tune voices,
and wait endlessly for their gardens to bloom.

Like a dream,
the fiddler plays and the rain stopsβ€”
is he man or god?
If the moon shines through the mist,
and the sun lights the sky at dawn, does it matter?

Imagine a bee buried in a frosted world,
would it wake to buzz through fertile fields
in some ever-after cycle of bright blue, gold, and green
to hear the grass rustle and birds singβ€”
what if?

The Oracle kept giving me stanzas that were separate but not different enough to be a Cadralor. I think these three stanzas work together though.

38 thoughts on “Unanswered Questions

  1. Our titles say it all…as usual, same message from different angles. I almost used endless but decided on motherless instead. I agree with Liz–that first verse hits home. (K)

  2. Oh yes. That first stanza – boom!
    And the second and the third definitely work with the first.
    I picture one meandering with one thought, that begets another and then another. Wonderful wordsmith, you are.

  3. They do work together as a poem, full of questions like Kerfe’s. It’s funny (not really) that the second poem the Oracle gave me is very similar to yours, and it isn’t a cadralor either. I’ll post it. There’s maybe an answer to the questions in it.

  4. Piquing poem, Merril!

    Yes, why & what & if. Well, the fake wizards are hard at work casting hate into the hearts that should wish joy for all. The spell says joy can only be felt if the source of said joy is the same for all. If blue makes them happy, but I like green – no joy for me. I should acquiesce, and prefer blue.
    Do I make sense?

    SO, my dad, late 80’s caught Covid, likely from attending a maskless funeral.
    He’s over the Covid, but the damage is done. He can’t walk, he’s delusional and going into long term care.
    I wish people would stop acting like Covid is over!
    Well, I suppose the gov’t needs us to be out there working to keep the economy going.
    Easier for them to lie to us than to tell us we should still be masking.
    Also, they are in fear of the anti people.

    • I’m so very sorry about your dad, Resa! That’s horrible. Sending you hugs. Are you allowed to see him?

      I know they’re saying the current strain is highly contagious, and though generally mild if you’re vaccinated, sometimes it’s not. I was just starting to feel a bit safer. . .my husband and I still mask up when going in stores and businesses, the library, etc.

      • Thank you, Merril!
        Unfortunately I live in Toronto, and he is in Vancouver. He will be moved out of the Covid ward this weekend, as he is testing negative.
        I have 2 cousins in Van. One of them will be stopping by the hospital Monday morning. He’s going to call me, and hold the phone while dad and I have a chat. My father cannot use his arms or legs. It’s unknown if rehab will help.

        My niece & her hubby got the V5 about a month ago. They were quite ill in bed for a week, but were not hospitalized. They are not positive now, but are still coughing a lot and having a hard time breathing. They asked the doc how long that would last.
        He replied, unknown, perhaps the rest of your life.

        We still wear our masks. I wear mine everywhere, even outdoors. I live in an old part of the city, it’s crowded, and many of the denizens are homeless.
        I saw a show about covid in Toronto a couple of days ago.
        It’s not good. It’s scary. The doctors being interviewed said the mask mandate should never have been dropped. They urged people to wear their masks everywhere, even outdoors.

      • It’s very scary. I’m so sorry about your father and other relatives. I’m glad your cousins can visit your dad. My mom died in the first wave–long before vaccines–every place was locked down. I think the last time I saw her was in February, and then she died in April.

      • I know how much the whole thing with your mom hurt you, how you couldn’t see her before she died.
        This virus is awful!Be careful, Merril! I need to read your writing!

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