Monday Morning Musings:


“It’s Cloud Illusions I Recall”–Joni Mitchell Cloud reflections , the Delaware River.

Time and space are jumbled,
ideas have migrated, questions are folded in dimensions,
dragged across decades, tossed against the fragile sky
till we are moving backwards

bewildered as kittens dumped and left to suffer, trembling and sore.

The questions multiply—where am I and why?
Haven’t we fought these battles before? We were tigers, elegant and sleek,
now we’re tasteless mouths and shameful hands, rewarded for incompetence,
we ingest wickedness at breakfast, as we applaud plots and crimes,
icicles grow in our hearts.

The verses sweep up the questions, from one century to the next,
No meter can contain them, the wind won’t let them rest,
Will flash, dazzle, and wit do more than satisfy (the questions want to know)?
Perhaps the verses are like ornaments, merely here for show,
yes, no, who knows? We still read them, when they’re not banned,
and pass them along from hand to hand,
even if they’re contraband.

(The verses like to rhyme, from time to time,
it varies by the year,
sometimes out of fashion, otherwise sublime.)

Civilizations rise and fall,
languages change, but thoughts and feelings remain,
what would I do in another world,
would I still be me and would you be you?
In every world, I’m certain I’d fight for my children
and miss my mom.

But watch—the souls drift by the river
between the moon and garden, they are
shadows that wrap themselves about us like blankets,
like unanswered questions, they wait.

Flower Gardens

Light and shadows

Light and Shadows

I began this by the using the random words from my previous post.

And I played with the word “multiverse” because we streamed the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once. I loved it! It’s about multiverses and relationships and what if? It’s got action and some crazy fight scenes, which is so not my thing, but it’s also clever, funny, and touching, and it’s one to think about after. I thought all the acting was excellent. Our older child loved it and is ready to see it again. They asked me if I cried at the end, and I have to admit, I did get teary-eyed because it deals with mother-daughter relationships.

We also streamed a play this week on July 4: The Complete Works of Jane Austen, Abridged (Tiny Dynamite Theater.) It was a lot of fun. Streaming tickets still available for a few days.

We also watched the movie, Operation Hyacinth on Netflix. It’s a Polish thriller set in the 1980s about sting operations on gay men, but also about the corruption of the police state. I thought it was well done, exciting, and sort of noir-ish. Despite it being set in the 1980s–no cell phones, a reference to AIDS–it seems timely as we move more towards a police state here with laws targeting the LGBTQ+ community, and COVID.

I read Sea of Tranquility, the latest novel by Emily St. John Mandel. Multiple storylines, time travel, history, and Moon colonies–of course, it’s my kind of book.

We’ve been enjoying lots of summer produce:

I’ll be back this afternoon because I’m hosting dVerse–Quadrille. All week we will be celebrating dVerse’s 11th Anniversary.

FYI: @TopTweetTuesday is asking participants to share poetry reviews tomorrow.

27 thoughts on “Multi-verses

  1. There’s nary an answer to this existential life. Be a bit boring though if there were answers to everything. Your photos are consistently lovely, your posts consistently thought provoking. So, thank you Merril.

  2. I love this, Merril (Quelle surprise, I know 🙂 )
    I was wondering when dVerse was coming back…
    As well, I was intrigued by the trailer for “Everywhere…” and have now marked it for movie night 🙂
    Have a fabulous Monday and… see ya later!

    • Thank you–I think? 🙂
      Blackbough Poetry started @TopTweetTuesday on Twitter. Most weeks there is a poet Matthew has chosen to host, and anyone can post a short imagist poem. This week, instead of poems, Matthew is asking everyone to share reviews. Go to @TopTweetTuesday for details.

  3. I think multi-verse is the perfect way to describe where I am right now, trying to make sense of this time in history that makes no sense. I particularly like the black-and-white gazebo photo–although I like the color version, too!

  4. Both thoughtful and delicious. I wrote something about time moving backwards this morning as well. It certainly feels that way in many respects. And yet…those skies. (K)

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