Behold what blossoms

Odilon Redon, “The Muse on Pegasus”

Behold what blossoms

Men stormed and crushed what was
beauty died in a thousand deaths.
Do you recall?
The TV elaborated in detail,
lingering, a voyeur at the window
savoring sweat and blood.

We waited for the aliens to come,
to connect, to repair our corrupted hard drive,
to find the correct interface—
a galactic effort
to find the lost password
stored in a safe, but unknown location.

The stars whispered,
and I caught the thoughts,
planted them like seeds
and when the flowers bloomed,
I placed them in vases,
to light the dark corners of the world.

The moon sang a symphony
as she soared higher and higher–
first the trees noticed
silver drifting up from swaying boughs,
then birds, and then dolphins and whales,
but we slept on.

After the dream-ships sailed into shadows,
dawn came
as if the goddess, delirious, and drunk on joy
sprayed peach champagne onto the clouds
to drip and puddle on the river’s surface,
and time flows on. Behold, what blossoms.

I really struggled to get a poem from the Oracle this morning. I finally ended-up with this cadralor.

37 thoughts on “Behold what blossoms

  1. That’s lovely! I think I like the third stanza best. The first made me think of January 6th, so it’s tailormade for you, and your final stanza is like my first and last merged into one. Yes, the same tone, and the painting would work with either poem.

  2. Your struggle resulted in a wonderful cadralor!
    And funny… I will be working on a CCC with matchy-matchy and I thought I would try one! So, I call this a nudge as well as a fabulous poem that goes from dark to light.

  3. Your poem suggests that perhaps we still have a chance of salvation! But we must work out how to save ourselves, and all the creatures with which we share the planet…

  4. I see now that a cadralor is 5 platters of poetry.
    I’ve grown to adore these when you post them.

    River Ghosts is fabulous. I find I’m doing reviews of previous poems, when I read my new daily poem.
    There’s a lot to eat from this platter of poetry!

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