So Long, Farewell

So Long, Farewell

We want water and light,
but harmony, too—

not a storm, rain, with petrichor
and glimmering diamond drops after

the sun rises berry-bright and robins and sparrow
breath a rainbow of song, but

if—when–a storm comes
like a drunken lout knocking down
everything before him,

then what? This is the murmur
I hear from the river and in the wind,

in squirrel chatter and blue jay squawks—

to the deep roots and the bees hovering
on that sweet wild path

to nowhere,
asking to sleep in frost and wake in spring–

the cycles that we almost recall.

I seldom write climate change poems, but one doesn’t argue with the Oracle. She’s certainly aware of all the wild fires, and the recent storms in Kentucky and St. Louis.

24 thoughts on “So Long, Farewell

  1. I had to write two poems to get what you got in one. We both had the storm, the rain and the murmuring river, and your poem ends where mine begins. So similar, yet I only used a few of the Oracle’s words.

  2. Oh, goodness, where do I begin with this poem. “breath a rainbow of song” or storm as a “drunken lout”? Love the imagery, both beautiful and provocative. Climate change was real decades ago but the world fiddled then and continues to fiddle.

  3. Love that you have included the animals, and insects.
    It makes my stomach churn when I think about them all suffering and burning.
    Suffering and drowning.
    Yes, I know humans suffer too, but we started it! The animals are innocent victims of our greed.
    You’re a great writer!

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