Onward (there’s more to be said on apples)

Circles, not so remarkable,
connect, snake heads to tails,
they slither, occupy space
merge past with future,

so, we remember a face,
a talk, some music,
the sparkle of knowledge,

and the ludicrous,
suppositions that some cling to,
like ivy on a dusty wall,
warning of the dysfunction that will come

if a woman laughs or learns
there is no shame in desireโ€”

she bites into the appleโ€”red or goldโ€”
spits seeds into the ground,
makes a delicious dash toward tomorrow.

A poem from the random words Jane generated today.

29 thoughts on “Onward

  1. Love this! I thought I was going to write about the future, but somehow the poem didn’t go that way. Obviously because you had. Love you Eve too. Leaving Adam, God and the Garden behind.

  2. Oh yeah! I’m dashing!
    Merril, I know your poems are for all and many. Yet, I do feel this poem is a woman’s joy, and men should read it, heed it!!!!!

    Some of the seeds I personally spit, have started to grow on.

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