For My Parents

Odilon Redon, Orpheus

For My Parents

red, hot pink, and cool blue
reflected, refracted
from then to beyond

where casting shadows
like parents on children, larger than life
neither existing without the other,

at least not as they were.

I think if
my father
if my mother—

all the questions I never asked.

If they are light–never gone,
the breath of stars, infinitesimal and infinite
a never-ending melody of dream colors, heard
and almost remembered.

Both of my parents were born in August. I’ve been thinking about them, and of course, the Oracle knows. And extra ifs for Derrick.

I’m sharing this with dVerse, Open Link Night.

60 thoughts on “For My Parents

  1. This is so beautiful Merril. Our parents never leave us I think.
    Our images have the same colors and echo each other. And our words, also, complement each other, even as they refer to entirely different trains of thought. (K)

  2. I see what you mean about the eggs. Parents and children, the link is never broken. That ‘almost’ in the last line is so poignant.
    Your poem is personal, mine is general, but we have the same colours, the same light and the same sense of what it means.

  3. Here we are min the Winter of our years, letting nostalgia seep from our pours, leap from the chambers within. Death has sythed a huge swath in our families, and dead eyes brighten as we reawaken them

  4. This is incredibly moving, Merril! I love how you associate with color here .. which adds emphasis to the feeling of remembrance ❤❤

  5. My parents were born within the same week (but different years) in September. They say that energy never dies it just changes form, in which event, your poem expresses that perfectly.


  6. Reflections do creep in at these times. I believe it is good to reflect and to take assessment of how they live on in us and our children and grandchildren. Their spirit carries on in us.
    A very heartfelt poem, Merril.

  7. This is so beautiful and so whole. It was lovely to hear you read it and to read it again. You use the word “if” so magically. Love the ending, all these lines:

    “If they are light–never gone,
    the breath of stars, infinitesimal and infinite
    a never-ending melody of dream colors, heard
    and almost remembered.”

  8. Excellent! My mom has been front and center this whole month. It will be a year on the 24th…I know what you mean about the “ifs”. A good weekend to you Merrill.


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