River Poet, Behold Dawn

Sunrise Clouds over the Delaware River

River Poet, Behold Dawn

after the storms,
moon-shadows danced to fiddle tunes
and dreams swirled in the air,
dressing the forests in purple light,
the gowns made of love, lust, hope, and fear.

These, the pictures that dangle beyond reach
in an endless gallery–
though I will recall some, if I can,
before they vanish in the apricot sky,
in the susurration of the river,
and the cries of ospreys carrying them far into the clouds.

This seems like something I’d share in my Monday Morning Musings, but one doesn’t argue with the Oracle.

After the horrible heat and humidity, we finally got some rain—not enough—but we had a beautiful day yesterday and beautiful weather that will last through the weekend. And there was a full moon. Last night, I had some interesting dreams. The Oracle knows everything.

43 thoughts on “River Poet, Behold Dawn

  1. Yes she does. I have the moon, and you have the dawn walk. All those pictures dangling beyond reach…we try to catch them, but they remain elusive, tangled in our dreams. (K)

  2. Yes, the Oracle knows. She gave you the dawn after the storm, when the dragon and the ugly dreams had dissipated, leaving just the bright dawn dreams. Same phenomenon, caught at different times.

  3. So lovely Merril thank you. You have the heart of a true poet. Your dreams are gifts too. Yay for the rain always a blessing. And Full Moon greetings to you – I did NOT see her, it was too cloudy … Have a lovely weekend.

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